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Call for Entries: Orangenius Launches Digital Art Competition

Grand prize is $500 and a one-on-one meeting with a senior media industry executive.

New York-based technology startup Orangenius has partnered with AWN to host a contest for animators and illustrators. The grand prize -- which will be awarded to four winners -- is $500 and a one-on-one meeting with a senior media industry executive.

Orangenius aims to create a revolutionary online business and employment-oriented social network for the creative community that puts control back in artists’ hands. The subscription-based destination site and work platform offers unique portfolio functionalities and collaborative opportunities for all types of artists and arts-based organizations in the creative economy.

Each of the four grand prize winners will have consultations with a top media and animation industry executive and the Chief Marketing Officer from one of the largest recruiting agencies in the world. Sixty finalists will win a one-on-one career coaching session and more. And everyone who enters will get an Orangenius Pro Account free for six months.

To submit your work, sign up for an Orangenius subscription (available at Basic, Pro, and Enterprise levels) and create a portfolio with an artist statement and 3-6 carefully curated works, along with details that give context to your creations. Additional details about the contest and submission form can be found here. The deadline for entries is April 30, 2018.  Winners will be announced in late June 2018.

Unlike other web-based portfolio and business networking sites, Orangenius subscribers can showcase their creative work with “visual” resumes that detail work experience with accompanying images and examples of work, and enhanced portfolios that allow users to include comprehensive information about the work. In addition, users can upload and record copyright ownership of and enumerate their works, give credit to collaborators for their contributions, and sell their work on the Orangenius marketplace for a less-than-20-percent fee -- significantly less than other similar art sales platforms. In addition, Orangenius users can receive the latest news, market intelligence, tutorials, career coaching, and legal and business insights curated and designed for the art community and showcased on Orangenius’ publishing platform,

Organizations and companies, in turn, can find and hire creative workers with Orangenius’ Opportunities section, where they can post open full-time positions, freelance opportunities, and gallery open calls free of charge as part of their Pro membership accounts. In addition, buyers of art can use the Orangenius Art Seen app to browse artworks for purchase, and actually visualize how a work would appear in their desired space using its revolutionary AR technology.