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Barack Obama Becomes B-Rock in Web Series

Wayne Stamps (Moesha, The Proud Family, Phil of the Future, Just Jordan, Da Jammies) is ready to rock the world of politics – and comedy – with a highly imaginative and piercingly poignant animated series, B-Rock.

Press Release from Wayne Stamps

Wayne Stamps (Moesha, The Proud Family, Phil of the Future, Just Jordan, Da Jammies) is ready to rock the world of politics – and comedy – with a highly imaginative and piercingly poignant animated series, B-Rock. Created to focus on the current state of our great country and capture the once-in-a-lifetime historic events unfolding under the leadership of our nation’s first black President, Wayne’s new series of webisodes is a no-holds-barred rendering of history in the making.

Produced by BRP 1, Wayne is working with Producer Tyree Dillihay (Pink Panther & Pals), Director Lionel Ordaz (Pink Panther & Pals) and Composer Kurt Farquhar (Lincoln Heights, King of Queens, The Parkers, The Proud Family, Moesha) on a total of 12 3-minute episodes.

About B-RockWhen Barack Obama made history in 2008 by being elected the first black president in the history of America, he single handedly took on the toughest job and the biggest responsibility in the world. But what most people, even the woman closest to President Obama, his wife Michelle, don’t know is that Barack has a secret … weapon. Beneath the relaxed, charismatic mocha skin created from a collision of Kansas and Kenya, is an alter ego that, unless regulated by the mentholated, nicotine fix of a COOL cigarette, which secretly helps Barack keep his … well … Cool … explodes into the thugged out, street hardened, ass kickin’, sh#% talkin’, take no prisoners gangsta ass American Patriot from the streets … of Hawaii … better known as B-Rock. So while the country struggles to come to a second term with Barack Obama as the most powerful man on the planet, there is no doubt that few are ready for the iron fist bump of B-Rock. But like it or not … Here it comes.

B-Rock is the animated series that blows the roof off The White House and exposes the twisted behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the 44th President of the United States of America as he and his alter ego, B-Rock, encounter an endless array of nutty characters including: Bill Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Michael Vick, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Osama bin Laden, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Tea Partiers, Clarence Thomas, Dick Cheney, Marian Robinson, Joe Biden, Illegal Immigrants, Michael Steele, William Taft, Jack Johnson, John McCain, and the most ominous figure of them all … Ronald Reagan.

So as Barack finds himself caught between B-Rock and a hard place, desperately trying to save our country and our world from utter collapse, ask yourself what B-Rock wants to know: “Who’s Your President Baby?!!”

About Wayne StampsWayne Stamps is a Los Angeles native who is currently working as a freelance television writer/producer. His writing credits include: UPN’s Moesha, Disney Channel’s animated series, The Proud Family; Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future; Nickelodeon’s Just Jordan; and the upcoming 3D animated series, Da Jammies.

In addition to half-hour comedies, Wayne also wrote the 3-minute short, Dirtierer, for ABC’s Micro-Mini Series project and the BET 25 Strong Post Show for BET’s 25th Anniversary Special. He has been a writer/producer for Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes as well as radio host Michael Baisden’s late night talk show, Baisden After Dark, both for the TV ONE network.

Wayne is actively shopping The Edge, a gritty drama pilot about high school kids living life on the edge in Watts; two comedy pilots, What Now Suzy?!, a live action romp chronicling the ms.haps and ms.adventures of a self-obsessed, self-deluded thirty-something puppet living life as a single girl in the real world; The Common Family, a funky yet outrageously dysfunktional family comedy with hip-hop superstar Common; and the highly politicized animated comedy series, B-Rock, centered around President Barack Obama and his whacky adventures as Commando in Chief.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, Wayne’s other TV production credits include ABC’s The Hughleys and Darren Star’s critically acclaimed Grosse Pointe on the former WB network.

About Lionel OrdazLionel Ordaz began his professional career as head of animation and then animation director at Big Bad Tomato, a Los Angeles-based interactive studio specializing in kid and family based interactive experiences. Later, as a freelancer, he worked for Herzog Cohen on a variety of conceptual projects including Superman Returns and Ghost Rider.

Lionel joined the production team working on the new Pink Panther & Pals animated series in 2008 as a board artist and was quickly promoted to director, directing a number of the series’ 13 half-hour episodes. The series aired in the U.S. on Cartoon Network in 2010 and became an instant hit.

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