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That's right blackspot and my wifey was berry berry goot to me! She baught me a new big screen for my puter's a 24 in acer, anyway I drew this this evening for illustration Friday ...I call this "Clandestine Love"

The woodland princess is haveing to say goodbye to her forbidden love the beetle king.

Man some how we all need to breath some new life back into this forum the daily sketch!!!!!!


Thanks Jab,

I didn't really like the dragon rider but I did like the solitude of these clouds and so here they are together. I think I am going to push the dragon at a slight flight angel to give it more of a feal of movement throught the sky......what do you all think?


Cartuneman Gallery

What a great competition, I really hope enough people find time for it.

thanks for checking it out and yes there are bunches of kids getting involved!:D

Hey Cartoonman,

I just visited your blog. Congrats on the book signing. I really like your paintings - they're gorgeous. I was especially taken with the Stroll through the Bistro and waterway pieces - very nice. I also love your dragon.

Cheers! :)

thanks for visiting the ole blog. I gotta get back into art work. man it's been 6 months since drew much of anything. Life took a big change for me. i became so unemployed like a ton of other people in the U.S. I had to take any work to survive and so now I work a mundane job but mundane or not it pays the bills right? the only problem it doesn't afford me much time to draw. but I have sketched a few small things so i thought I'd start here with some fresh art. they say it's like riding a bicycle. you never forget how but sometimes it takes a little while to get the hang of it again. hang in there with me maybe I'll get the hang of it again. hehe:D

The First two pics are some art I created for some character design for a book Idea a friend of mine has written. Sorry for the discoloration of the kids sketches My scanner died just when we had to move a couple months ago and I had to upload them from my camera. thank goodness I got a new scanner for Fathers day yay! hope you can see them ok?

"Once", a Knight .... A Fun new Idea I'm developing

"Once", a Knight .... A Fun new Idea I'm developing

Please allow me to introduce to you "Once' " , Once is a knight from the Famed fairy Tale....Humpty Dumpty....Ever since That most dreadful day that he could not put Humpty back together. Mother Goose was made a laughing stock and the world of Fairy tales has all but disappeared from the annals of child hood. He was made an outcast and has been on an epic quest, in search of his dignity and the right sequence of events that will restore the Fairy Tale kingdom, along with his Honor and his rightful place among the Heroes of History. (and just maybe Mamby Pamby will quit making fun of him.............) Hang on for the ride of your life as Once, a king among all, proves that once a King always a king but "Once" a Knight is Enough!

Oh and if you are wondering how or why a loving Mother or Father would ever name their kid "Once"? Well,...would you have named him "Twice"?

stay tuned for updates

I like your character designs. It looks like a fun project idea.

Happy Holidays to everyone here in the Forums! From our home to you all we wish you the very Best!

Some how it reminds me of

Some how it reminds me of those default Clip Arts in Microsoft Word, too much neon colors.

Awesome! Great poses and line

Awesome! Great poses and line quality