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ok a day late but here it is again with more color and check out the graduation pic on the shelves hahahaha hey thanks for looking chairman!

Ok I've finally got around to painting one of my sketches in art rage and I think i like painting a little more...have a look I'll post it as I get it done.



Hello Cartuneman,

Long time no speak, I can see that your still pumping out the great artwork, I love the wizard, I'm a lover of the fantasy art, I'm glad to hear you're doing better health wise.

DS 7959 :D

good stuff my friend...:).

im sorry for the long absence, its just that too much is going on these days. but im here whenever i can manage and enjoy the work. ill see what i can do with the collab, i got the point...:).

wish u all the best.

drip drip, looking good

the curious fairy

Hi every one,

sorry went through a dry spell there but i've been very busy and have been under the gun to get some contract work done. (publishers just have no since of humor)

but I'm working on a piece that will be totaly painted digitaly and here is one of the Fairy's Ive drawn for the work. the piece is called the curious fairy.

I'll be posting the different stages as I go along so bare with me this could take some time but I'll be posting hahahahaha

so what ya think?


Looking better every time! Love the "sparklies" around his fingers!!


Awesome work, keep posting more! Good to see you back again!

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

... So after looking at these should I continue to post or not ...

Please do, these are great.

I'm very glad to be back

Hey thanks guys,

I enjoy any and all coments and critics I live for them.
So here are some honest to goodness sketches what do you all think?

thanks again,

I Found some old pantone markers. I'm surprised after about three years they still had color in them haha so I threw this on a scrap paper.


these are all great. I really like how you draw the faces with perspective in mind. They almost look 3 dimensional, especially when you look at that tiger, the nostrils on the giraffe.

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

Cool Stuff cartuneman! You've got different styles, and each of 'em is great! Hope to see more in near future! Greetz

:D Hi everyone,

I'm glad Everyone likes my stuff so far haha. I had time during lunch today and this is what I came up with. Sorry for the proverbial santa but Some one almost always wants me to draw a santa. (specially this time of year)


Cartuneman, that second picture of "Normal" sitting down in the first post, he looks like he could be a character from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy".

Dear Cartuneman.

Having different styles is a gift, because not everyone is able to draw characters so that they look like they're drawn by a completely different (but also very gifted) artist!
So thank you for opening that gallery, it's another one I'll regularly look at for inspiration! :)


Thank you all for your kind words

Hell-o all,

Thank you Bandita for your kind words. Also Pcdoctor. Yesterday I had to sit thru a very long Sales and human resources meeting. So instead of taking notes like I should have this is what I remember from my meeting, haha.
I hope this isn't to large to post but it took up the whole page. It was just for fun I got kinda carried away. I hope you all enjoy it.


Feel for ya, bro. I currently job in hardware retail - only I never get the chance to pretend to take notes. Pretending to organise stuff while surfing the net is the most I can do.

Meet Chico Chihuahua

I am from Mexico and want you to meet Chico Chihuahua, the craziest chihuahua on earth. I`ve been working on this for quite a while and even I have the official Chico Chihuahua site.
This is one of my daily comic strips from the site. I

nice work blancar funny work i like it !!!

here is another page from my book I'm doing....

hi, thanks

Thanks for your comment.
Nice illustration. If I remember well you were the one saying not having learnt how to use photoshop or other tecknology. But you don`t need to...!!! Your work is great as it is..


its allmost feels like christmas in here :D great work!

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!

Man I never get over here anymore!!!!! I've been so busy with life and work!!! ugh!!! but at least I still alive haha here is another wintery piece I created for a children's book....

I'm having fun with a new digital program called art rage! all these winter scenes have been created in in art rage..

Yes blancar, I never had any formal training with photobucket and or any other digital program for that matter I think the last time I had any formal education in art was 8th grade hahahaha man!!! we won't talk about how far back that was........I just want everyone to know, That is to get your education and use it...Makes me wonder where I'd be if I'd had the opprotunity to have gone to college.

tyokio, thank you for the kind comment and liking my work.

Awesome work man!!!!


Hi peoples,

Thanks gillianseed, glad you like my scratches.

So here is a character I'm going to play with in flash YUP!! the bank (my wife) just might, almost sure, maybe, my fingers crossed, will buy me the software for Christmas. yaaaahooo! oops I don't want to spoil it.


Hey CM! Great work on that X-Mas Card, diggin it! The last pic is cool too! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Hi everyone,

Thanks Mr. Danamation for checking my stuff out. Here are a few things I doodled with today. As any one can tell I like drawing Critters. What do you guys think? After looking at my different styles what should I do stick with one style or just keep creating?

cartuneman.... Man I gotta learn how to shrink these pics better. Sorry guys.

Awesome work, keep posting more! Good to see you back again

Howdy Mercy,

Thanks for the welcome back. I hope to post more soon..........maybe.......possibly..........hopefully if i get any free time hahaha


Ok here are a couple I sketched really quick before my wife got back from church.......hummmmmm? I think I'll toss these, just some crap doodles



I like the second one the most. It's a standard side profile, but you did a lot of things in here to make it more interesting! For instance her right hand wrapping around the bark is cool. You keep it simple yet suggest the form, I would have maybe moved the left leg, exposing it a bit more, and the fact that you show she's a fairy sized creature by the size of the tree and leaves are nice, and way more powerful than just doing a fairy with no background etc. (And yeah, I love the punk'ish hair!

Don't get me wrong. The other one is nice too, but the composition falls around a bit because of the bigger character in the back, though the smaller front character is on the horizon line. Nice scratchy feel with it tough. Would you consider inking this?
Mind if I print it out, ink it, and play around with it (pending some time constraints...might take a day, might take a week till I get to it)

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Ok.......I had to fix the lion it was just bothering the crap outta me!!! Thanks for the crits Phreak you can ink either one of these if you like I'd love to see what you can do with them.



Check my stetchbook/sandpit, it was fun! :)

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

another doodle, I think this would look better in color it's so busy!



Hey man, besides the blue pencil, what do you draw with??? (The red? Is it PC or marker/tablet??)

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

its red pencil and then sometimes I use the computer to fill in BG's.

I'm still old school on alot of things. I draw directly on paper before I trans fer to computer. I still haven't masterd the ole wacom yet.



Cool man, same here really. Bought a cheap arse tablet last year, used it for 2hours. LOL! hehe.

Oh! I was on the AWN site for the first time ever 2day, hehe. Somehow I missed it completely, got straight to the forum. LOL

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Wow, CM! Great range of styles! What do you ink with? I'm trying to simplify my style for toons, and I'm just shaking the tendency to cross-hatch. Very impressive stuff. I think the industry would be blessed if you went pro full time!

well thank you Mr DrSpecter,

I really appriciate the kind words. To answer your question about what I use to ink with? It's what ever I have left over, after my kids rifle through my art supplies. hahahaha I, more often than not use a sharpie or a rapidograph but thats only if I have any available. A lot of times it's what ever I can find. As for me working for the industry? Well......., I've tried that and no one ever really saw the potintial. I have worked as a tweener and also a BG artist. I've actually done quite a few kids books, coloring/activity books and Magazine publications. I've also done character design too. But ahhhh I lament, Being a carpenter most of my life I've found easier money to be made in that trade. Now that I'm an aging man I wish I could go back to my art full time.

"The lives we lead are pulled by the the horses of dreams and fortune. But reined by the hands of reality." (My thought 8-15-06)


hello...i have the sensation that i have already saw some of that stuff before somewhere...;)

new Backround

Hey Mawm,

You may have I have it in several sites lol and I'm trying to create some sort of character for fan art on world of war.....maybe?

here is a new BG I created for the creature ...what do you think?



well...i saw a giraffe drawing equal to "yours" in one of my oldest childhood books....:) anyway..that work is nice *

how old is your childhood book? Heck I'm old I may have drew it haahahaha.



oh...hehe i´m 17 ;)

You know, I've been thinking. One of the reasons why "that company" is scouting out new talents for the art department may be the release of the their trading card franchise in October. They'll need loads of different illustrators for that ... I may throw in my lot. I got a decent character idea last night and spent the morning researching.

Wow great !

Now you know I wanna see your character after you get it done. hahahahaha. What did you think of the last pic of mine was it any better with the BG change? Oh, I loved your rendition of the skelly face.

hey Mawm?

The book you spoke of......was it published by Walden, Schoolastic or Apple Press? Those are the three I remember doing zoo animals for about 15 years ago. I also did some magazine illustrations for Humpty dumpty and Turtle Mags back then too. Sorry you just got me thinking about the old days hahaha.


my coffee break pic for the day

Remember this only took all of five minutes at most to sketch so be kind hahaha. i think I want to go back when i get home and re draw this and make here legs more long and sinuey ( is that how that word is spelled?). Anyway Sexy thats the word I'm looking for hahahaha


Now you know I wanna see your character after you get it done. hahahahaha. What did you think of the last pic of mine was it any better with the BG change? Oh, I loved your rendition of the skelly face.

Thanks, mon! And you know me, I'm much too conceited to not show stuff off. (Here's your hint: brewmaster!)
Treebeard-gone-bad looks neat with colour. (Psychedelic sky.)


if that took you 5minutes, I'm truely jealous!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

wow i love the curves on the female centaur!! perhaps you could also make her hair longer? i think it'd look better.

5 minutes? wheesh!!! wish i could draw that fast!!! :D