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awesome sketch, a very beautiful woman.

Thanks everyone,

and yes nonsense this is drawn on the wacom. Whats the matter Jab? hahahahahahaha thought I'd sneak in here before she takes me shopping for the day! thanks again everyone.


fantastic digital drawing mate!!! wow!

Thanks Ken.

Hey, so what part of Aust. you in? I have a friend that lives just north of sidney on the coast.
I also spent two weeks there traveling the country. But that was ages ago.


WOW!! I got bored tonight and was just browsing my gallery and never realized how much art I had posted here. I also noticed how many new freinds I have made. If I have never said thank you to any of you for liking or commenting on my stuff, I want to remedy that right now [FONT=Impact][SIZE=6][COLOR=red]Thanks everyone!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
So with that said .......hahahaha I'm going to go to draw something ..............oh and thanks everyone for stroking my ego. As we are all artist .......feels good dosn't it?


It does indeed feel great hehe well done on all the artwork you have posted and contine to post for a long time to come!

oh, im in melbourne just now, but im planning to travel down the east coast in the near future and might drop into sydney! yeh? its a nice place to visit aint it!

hows that drawing coming along?

I'm working on a lil diddy for a flash cartoon ,

I'm also doing some prelims for a pitch I have to deliver in January.

hey can you draw or sketch some pics of any weird trees that are there?

i love using weird trees for backgrounds?


Sorry I haven't been around.

My mother passed away over the thanksgiving holiday and I just haven't been myself.


My condolences to you and yours...Keep your chin up.

@cartuneman -sorry for your loss man. It is always tough to lose those we love. My wife lost her mom 5 weeks ago and even though we accept it, and derive comfort from our beliefs, the absence leaves a sad space. All the best to you and your family.

I was going to say I rather like your work.. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I wish you the best in a time like this..

i <3 you cart! your mom is in a better place and will always be with you no matter what...i losed my grandma last year and I know she's there guideing and watching over me. Hopefully art will help you release some emotions, it does with me... wish you the best man!

Sorry for your loss Cart...

Go now! Its Free! YES Free!
See my work and me at these other sites! WOW! (Comic Book Freelance) (Sketcheroos) (Atlanta Studio)

Thank you everyone!

Thanks everyone for the kind words and thoughts and prayers. It's nice to have an extended family of freinds. I just want everyone to know I will be there for you all when you are in need.

thanks again


My utmost condolences my friend. I'm hoping 2007 is a better year for you. You've been through a lot. I'll keep checking for you bud.

Thanks everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. I have to pick myelf up and get going again or I'm gonna fall down and not want to get up so I'm going to do my best to get going again! Thanks again everyone!


sorry to hear bout your mum...

all the best mate - your a tough cookie.

it's a start hahaha

ok this is the first pic I've drawn in ages so forgive me. I drew this a pic submittle on another forum's supposed to be the White Queen.

Hey cartuneman. Had to wait for my 8 year old to leave the room before replying -don't want to trigger a premature puberty. ;)

Nice work as always. Hope you don't mind my novice observations but is the head a tiny bit small for the body? Or maybe it is the tilt of the head? Very subtle and maybe totally worng -so don't change anything on my say so. I did my best to imitate the pose in my tights and cape -think it may be the position of the head that seems a tiny bit off?

Anyway feel free to verbally abuse me if I am wrong. :eek:



sorry about that ...........and as far as your crits ...much appriciated my freind. I actually see tons of stuff wrong with the pic. so it's back to the drawing board huh? Thanks for taking the time to look though . Hope you all have a merry christmas! maybe your son will like this one?


That, he will love. So do I seeing as my brain seems stuck in toon mode. :)

hahaha thanks Bup!

Wow, there are so many excellent painter, i say bluntly that i'm not good at drawing, but i like to appriciate good works, they made me joyful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful things!

Thank you. I'm glad my art made you smile!

been a while wow! a really long time

Thought I'd post a couple silly's and thought I'd throw out a suggestion and see who might bite lol

I was watching this sports network the other day and they were showing these new and up and coming tennis pros. The new up and coming tennis pros look like mean muscle bound football types. That sort of gave me a funny Idea. I wonder what The national Badminton champs of today would look like or even the new Full contact Crockett Champs.hahahaha just a funny thought. If anyone would like to run with this, have fun with it. So here are a couple lil sketches I been doodling with please forgive the roughness It's been a while since I drew anything. Hope you all at least like the concepts. hehe

Awesome work, as always.

really awesome work very nice.

Why thank you very much wontobe and Peter12. I really don't do enough sketching these days. It's been more like spending more time trying to make ends meet. I'll try to do more for sure this year!

Olive Oil really filled out

good work Cartuneman

Very Funny

A very funny Olive Oil, Cartuneman. BTW, her real measurements are 19-19-19... thought you'd want to know.


Your images are different from others. The colors are very attractive. Due to the colors the quality of images are increasing.

Dark Emergence thanks, Ya I kinda figured she need to be a little updated hahahahahaha

peter12 thanks man I appreciate the comment.

Larry L. hahah, ya, Larry, It was fun idea iwas going to put Betty Boop in there some where with a jealous look on her face lol

salik thank you.....may I ask what you mean by,

Due to the colors the quality of images are increasing.

just curious?

Due to the colors the quality of images are increasing.

salik thank you.....may I ask what you mean by, just curious?

Dude, the colors must be blowing his mind, man. Wow

Hey there Wontobe, hehe here is one that's just loaded with color....... wonder if I heated these colors up if it would look any different...? lol Just joshing you salik , But hey here is the pic I promised. I painted this in three steps actually Back in early December I drew the cowboy and thru the drawing aside. Then right after christmas I drew the horse and thought hummmmm they seemed to go together so on New years I put them together and painted it all up in Art Rage program. My wife liked it so much she had it enlarged and printed on Canvas and framed. it looks pretty cool hangin in my living room. hahaha it's the first painting to make it out of my den into the real world so to speak lol hope you all like it.

Wow this is gorgeous!! The lighting and colours.... the background looks like a photo :) Well done!

Thanks Rach! I appreciate the comment. Glad you like it. here is another painting. just having fun with art rage program.

I like your works' cartoon style.
It will be very nice to see more your great works.;)

wow thanks foxrenderfarm. Another big wow I have made it over 100 thousand views. I think maybe I should post some new stuff I'm working on. so I hope you enjoy this one.

here is the blue line and a lil bit of color or paint I've started.

Well here it is Saturday and all I have to do is mow my yard....ok I'm while I dither on what to do with the rest of the day I'll post a painting I did of my wife hope you like it.....she did. lol Oh and Happy Fathers day to all us Dad artist ......

Martian Spring

This is a speed paint work up for a new book cover.....hope you all like it?

The viking girl is incredible, keep up the good work!

thanks Jonny,

Hope you all like these. Just some stuff I've painted or drawn for my own entertainment.

simply phemoninal work! Were these paintings done with oil or digitally?

Long time wow!

well it's been a long time but here are a couple lil diddies I was goofing around in art rage...other than that I'm illustrationg a few books and a graphic novel right now so I thought I'd drop in ans say howdy to everyone!


And good colours, too. I really like it when artists lead rough, hand-drawn lines together to form technical structures. A Disney layout guy once told our animation class that it's OK to use a ruler to construct, but don't use it to draw the finished product.

guardian of the moon gem

just goofing

interesting style.
keep posting i want to see more.

Yeah! Christmas has arrived.