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Thanks scoob!

Sorry i haven't been around had some puter back to the ole drawing board.


Hey Cartune,

Glad to have you back and sorry to hear about your puter Problem. It's also getting time for me to think about a new one myself. Freakin technology ahaha.:D

Hi everyone If anyone drops by please check out My link below I would love to see all my friends there! :D

That update has improved the wizard picture, hasn't it. It feels much more intimate and cosy. I look forward to seeing the skull.

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Hey, I love that detail of the garduation picture. Wish my 3D or sculpting skills were better as this would be a cool room to explore from various angles. Might even make a cool interactive Flash page, click on various parts and explore.

well Mak...I haven't a clue as to what you posted.....I just hope everyone is fine and life is treating you all well?!:D

just another lil update:D


Wow! Your Wizard poster is going to be fantastic!!

Yes...please keep posting your progress!


my new blog title block

Hi everyone,

This is a little quicke I came up with for my blog title block what do you guys think?


ok I need some sage advice here or heck maybe even some parsley advice I don't know......I can't make up my mind.......:confused: yes? no? maybe? or keep the other dragon completely outta the pic?

I like the first of the two, except maybe set the second dargon a little more back, looking good so far.

DS 7959

Hey I have a question?

I'm working on a pitch called "The Shallow End of the Gene Pool" Hince the Dribble characters in a previous post.

I've researched a few other peoples pitch's and have found that they have gone to the extent of creating a web site or blog and also pre animated a short or shorts for their presintatations. Is this worth the time and effort?

just curious.


You're aware of the pitch I worked on, and YES, they loved it, but said unless I can get animators together they can't go ahead with it, so I did got everything sorted, and still they're not happy so it keeps piling on pending the requirements of whomever you're pitching to....

Though I can't post it anywhere on a public site, or forum or anywhere, and I would suggest you don't either, as it would possibly dilute the product by making it public before they pick it up!!

Hey, I need your connections!! Sheesh! I'm struggling to figure out where to send stuff!! ARGH!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

just had to draw this.......:eek:

Thanks man, here is a 10 minute sketch I warmed up with last night ....

Excellent card, I hope you sell a million of them.

hey dude!

Its been a while :D

I notice your work has improved tenfold!!! Wow. Love your tigers man.

Hi everyone,

sorry I haven't been around. I've been busy trying to heal. I had a few problems with the ole ticker but everything seems to be going well.

Vic, ya I have a nice puter but they break too. seemed that everything decided to break about the same time didn't it?

gotta go now .....I'm sort of sneaking out here to get on the computer and if the wife knew I was up ...ouch I'd be dead for sure haha

hahhahaha That word Dead has a whole new meaning to me :rolleyes:


'ola mister toon man!

You had me worried, so I came looking for you! Hope you get better's all those young ladies in your life! :P

All of the best,

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Thanks chairman ! well here is a lil more.

wow I sketched something today

I finally got around to sketching something today!!!!!!! yay
Yet another kids show let me introduce the Dribbles,

Splash, Bubble butt and Drip

Thanks Phreak

Sound advise.......I haven't posted any more work about it anywhere. As for my connections.......hahahahaha there the same everyone else has I think? All I did was call information in Hollywood and asked for thier phone number.

I have noticed of late, that there is a slow down in the amount of people that post here in this forum. Has the dailey scetch thread become stagnet?


Nice, keep it coming.

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Coolness Cartune,

If it's one thing i'm really bad at is coming up with ideas for shows. I had someone that had asked me if I had any to submit but i just draw a blank. The only ideas i get r for action adventure or more adult orientated ones.
Your drawing r looking good will you flush them out further?

happy Halloween everyone

All your sketches are very good...enjoyed looking at all of them!
Keep posting more!:)

Hi Cartuneman! I don't know if you'd remember me from another animation forum, years ago. Work's still fantastic as always.

wow Robber I do remember you,:D how are you young man ? Still animating I hope?

Ho yes, after 2 years of full time work in terrible jobs I've decided to go back to college and study 2d and 3d animation focusing on the games industry.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I stumbled onto this thread, especially with it being so up to date.

sorry vic and everyone.

Hi everyone,

sorry I haven't been around. I've been busy trying to heal. I had a few problems with the ole ticker but everything seems to be going well.

Vic, ya I have a nice puter but they break too. seemed that everything decided to break about the same time didn't it?

gotta go now .....I'm sort of sneaking out here to get on the computer and if the wife knew I was up ...ouch I'd be dead for sure haha

hahhahaha That word Dead has a whole new meaning to me :rolleyes:


Thanks Damage!

I'm still pushing that old brain of mine to create! One of these days somethin will hit. Huh?

well, Here is an old fax cover sheet I created for myself a few years ago before I baught my first computer.......It's still funny. Can't believe I still had it. The other sketch is just for fun.........The Wife was rubbing up against me last night like a cat and she said Purrrrrfect love.....hahahaha so this is what I drew.


Old, old old pic I drew

Wow found this in an old file just sittin there.........11 years I almost don't even remember drawing this. I actually found some pics I drew when I was in High school hahahahahaha it will take me a few days to build up the nerve to post those hahahahaha



I love the progress, looking great!!

DS 7959

so up to date hahahahaha well I'm just a lot older. I heard that the animation forum kinda went kaputt or is well on it's way there. I imagine Terro is busy with work and to maintain the site takes a lot of time as well. Glad to hear you are going back to school. Keep your pencil sharp and your imagination on fire young man I know you will go far. and remember what I've always said. " Don't stop at the apples at the bottom of the tree. Climb for the ones at the top."

Hi John,

Just stopping by to say hello over here too.

Went by your blog and viewed the animations...very cool...very fluid movement! (No sound except on the first one though) :(

As I said ovah there...dig your art the neuvo-traditional feel of your characters! Dig the lion-lady and lion too!

Glad I've found these forums!


Looks good -- can't wait to see the final result :)

thanks guys. here is another update and hope to post more tomarrow!


Man I feel horrible! I hope you're feeling a helluva lot better. You've been through enough.

thanks Mr. wontobe it was a fun sketch. I actually was at the mall in sears and there was this older gentelman with his wife and she was actually trying on yoga pants and he looked so frustrated and disheartened I caught a mental pic of him and turned him into Mr C just for fun when I got home to my sketch paper. Glad you liked it lol

Glad you liked my art Mr kaushalsingh Hope I can keep posting more art lol

Thanks is some more of my latest hope you enjoy them?

hey cartuneman, take it easy yeh? hope your better!

Hey Cartuneman!
Really like you lions, great work as always.
Very interesting idea as well, a bit refreshing, coz people seem to rather draw wolves in a human form, for some reason...

I must hurry, for there they go and I am their leader

Now where did I put that ...

Sketches for Video Scribe project


Video Scribe

odd occurance

Howdy every one,

This last sunday I made my coffee and I also made pancakes for breakfast and I got a flour smudge on my coffee cup and when I looked at it I saw this....

Isn't weird what we as artist can see? I think I'm going to start a seperate blog and post what my minds eye sees.....Kinda like the hidden art of...................ok someone help me with a name here.....


Is any of this illustrations for a book. The one with the guy riding the turtle looks like a page from a children's book.

My pet Dragon...

Hey everyone if there is anyone out there. I thought I'd post some picks of my pet dragon I'm building for Halloween this year. He will actually be a large marionette. that I will puppeteer. He will be in my garage. I will build a temporary wall in front of my garage for that night.....hehe you should see this guy under black light he is awesome. I know this isn't sketchwork or art work so to speak but he will be a lot of fun and I thought I'd share with you all. so here he is pet Dragon (I'll throw in a sketch to show you what I started out with......)

nope i just got busy so to speak when i had time off work recently. I don't know if I told anyone here but I had a pretty bad heart attack and it layed me up for about a month. so I kept my self busy creating and doing paintings. these series of elf drawings and art were some that I did during this time. thanks for asking though they were a ton of fun to do. there is more I'll post later.
Thanks again Mr wontobe.

Really nice images, cartuneman

Thanks Zoobeans,

it was fun to do too! As for wolves.......? hummmm,I think people find them a bit more mysterious.

ya sorry about the animations I never got around to fixing them with sound.
Thanks for liking my scribbles .

cats finished,

I like this but I'm not sure about the tree?

Wow, please take care buddy. Do whatever the wife and doctor tell ya, you got a lot more drawing in you that needs to get out. Not sure of your personal beliefs but I'm saying a little prayer for you right now. Stay well.

Hi Cartune Man,

Hope you're well, good to see you drawing again.

All the best,

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