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Oooh, the armadillo instead of a skull, that's what I call a nice touch! :D So since this is for a colouring book, any chances of seeing a coloured version done by you?

Thanks guys for the concerns....

But hey I'm sort of back hahahahahaha The doc has me on limited stuff but hey I can take my boat out and play most of the summer instead of working hahaha

sorry i haven't been around but I've been lurking in the shadows. So this evening I was kinda playing around with some art for my boat. My boat is called "Foxy" so I drew this sorry if it looks a bit shakey. this is the first thing I've drawn in months. Damn I almost forgot how to post art and even use photoshop. Ha:eek:

again Hi everyone and a big hearty welcome to any newcomers and freinds I haven't met yet!

hope you guys like this?


Thats a great picture..really nice composition. Good details...paint it up!

howdy everyone,

Yes sir you can watch this as it grows and I'll be taking suggestions too. Glad you like the armadillo:D .

Thanks, as soon as I getter all inked I'm going to start painting away. Here is a lil of it inked. Sorry if this is a slow proccess but I'm taking my time and I will post my updates.

So here is my update for today. changed the armadillo a bit and I'm adding other things into the room and I intend on enlargeing the room a bit.

Thanks bupaje,

Sure you can do what ever you want to this art.......(cept sell it ahahahaha) Have fun with it. I always enjoy when people want to color my work........I'd love too some day colab on a great piece of art. I may have a client for this wizard piece. The National Library Association. I was thinking of a title.......Reading is Magical...........whatchya think?


sure cartuneman, ill be messaging you soon. and about the castle idea, yes i agree completely. i have the exact thing in my mind and even have something for the bg...:).

thanks for the good wishes DS 7959...:). best to u too.



Now you're doing what I love the best, Fantasy Art, that dragon looks hot, no pun intended, keep up the great work.

DS 7959:cool:

Hmmm, this collaboration should produce some interesting results... looking forward to the final outcome :)


Hey... I know that cat!
My favorite part of the pick is the pickled horse.
this is gonna be fun

I must hurry, for there they go and I am their leader

Now where did I put that ...

You're correct it can get expensive, I think I'll make a few copies and see if some of the local schools will read it to the class at story time, I'll let you know when the website is done, I really enjoyed your blog and the artwork, keep creating great artwork, I'm of to boring old work, "I'd rather be drawing" said Alex as a smile ran across his face.

DS 7959:D

ok here is a BG for the it to much?


Nice wizard pic cartuneman!
i like looking at it and spotting all the little details.
i really like the zodiac symbols carved into the ceiling there! :D

Thanks Dream!

There are some anatomy problems but I'll get them worked out ........ hahaha chairman.

I think the name is great. How soon do you need it colored if you did get that gig - I could use it as a Photoshop rendering example in my portfolio with credits of course(lineart by _cartuneman's real name) and then I could color it for you - you can see a little of my work at to judge my skill.

If you want to do this and don't need it finished by this weekend then I would be glad to do that as I do have to put some more examples of my Photoshop work in my portfolio anyway.

ok I've decided to turn the pic of the furry into a WIP. I'v done a little more to the lioness what do you all think so far?


Nope, I like it. Maybe more flagstones on the floor and more texture for the wooden beam on the right; that portion looks a little empty against the detailled bookshelf on the left.


Kicks arse Cart!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.


Great works, Sir! :D

Good Stuff!

Hey Cartuneman, I thought I'd check out your sketches. There's some good stuff here, you're not afraid of trying different things! I like how you let us see the construction of the forms in your drawings. I think your line work is stronger than your photoshop colouring. You could maybe try to get a bit more texture and modelling onto the surfaces like you achieve with your earlier coloured pencil work, in particular that fabulous dragon on page 9.

I love the wizard and the background looks great, but the close up is more involving compositionally as you feel you are part of the wizard's audience as he reads rather than a distant viewer. I can't believe how much work you and others have on here, so prolific, I hope I can match your output in my thread.

Keep up the good work and sorry about the loss of your mother,

Visit my website:

Claire O'

Hey John. Been a while since I dropped by but had to check up on your work and some other great ones. :) Good to see you are still at it and doing well.

ok, I think I have him the way I want him..........but ugh, the wife likes this so much she now says she wants two more dragons for this pic if three dragons are in flight together coming out of some sort of lair........

See what happens when you have an art director:rolleyes:


Those Gloomy hours.

hi there cart, here u go. im posting a painting of mine, titled: Those gloomy hours", painted few weeks ago. as we are going for a collaboration, i think this one really works as a background for your dragons work. though i painted this as a complete piece in itself, but do see if it works for you, for me it does and u can even see a castle there...:).


a concept/fantansy scene, titled: "Those gloomy hours", a land/waterscape with a gloomy, eeri mood. it can be considered to be another version of my previously painted work, named, "An eeri spot at midnight".

painted in photoshop and painter, using tablet, on a scanned pencil sketch that i did on paper first.

my biggest concern here was to have a certain mood thru out the expanse.


" />

just a lil warm up sketch ...doodeling with my sharpie,,,,,,,,,,


Thanks Doubt,

I was curious as to why some artist go thru the headache of doing all that work.
Well, here is a Pic I posted here some time ago. I posted it on another forum and asked if anyone was interested in colaberationg on inking and coloring it. A freind there (Lorenzo Kidd) took up the task and this is what he did. I think it's great work. He makes me look good! If You'd like to see more of his work visit my site and go to my great artist and freinds section and click on Lorenzo's link.
thanks for the look see and have a great day........... I think I'll ask him to color another pic of mine hahahahahahaha never hurts to ask huh?


Collaboration - Mood key.

Mood key

hello cart...:). this is just an idea, not a finished piece. ive just made a mood key, for the entire scene. ive done some adjustments from my own side that can further be changed/edited. cart, please go ahead and feel free to make changes according to your taste and requirements, ofcourse, only if u like this painting for the background. no problem otherwise...:).


" />

Morning everyone,

Thanks cobs;
for the comments and crits. Ya my digi color sucks but i'm working on that hahahaha Thw wizard is going to be a large illustration. the sketch i posted was a rough with the wizard pasted onto it I think I may inlarge the wizard a bit because he dose get lost in the pic a lil. Thanks for mentioning my Mother. She played a large roll in my artistic life. we all miss her.


Nope, I like it. Maybe more flagstones on the floor and more texture for the wooden beam on the right; that portion looks a little empty against the detailled bookshelf on the left.Yesterday 09:38 PM

Hahaha This isn't done yet ....Thanks for the tips though. I quickly sketched this last night right before I went to bed so I did not complete any detail. I'll try to do that tonight. and slightly inlarge the wizard in the setting. Thanks for the comments


updated foxy:D

Shera ,,,,,,,,,,,I couldn't leave well enough alone and so here ya go.......

Thanks Phreak, glad you like it.

my next installment a lil more of it inked. Sorry it's not all there The size I'm working in dose not fit my scanner bed. I'm going to have to go to kinko's and scan it in on a disc once I get it all inked.


thanks Chairman, (you should hear her purrrrrrrr) hahahahahahahaha

Hows it goin? been looking for more stuff from ya.........

ok here is a BG for the it to much?


Dude!! THIS ROCKS!!! Geeez, I really like the whole room you created!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Wow, I really dig the details of the wizard's room. It's a visual feast. I really like how well you've done the skulls :)

Good collabo. The wizard picture which I finally got to see finished looks great, too. Very atmospherically lit. Good job.

Wow I checked out your blogs!!!!! thanks man your work is as my son would say....Tight! hahahaha good stuff and thanks for visiting my blog and liking my new stuff. I'm having fun with it hahahaha I have been very busy with some coloring and activity books and also i'm working on a couple of graphic novels with a freind of mine. so I'll be back around more when I catch up!

Thanks for dropping in


why thank you is the internship going? and life in general?


oh goodie look you have a blog site I can go see, didn't see that till just now.

ok here is a fun one ....what you guys think?

they all look great and you have good sense of measurement as to putting the lines in proportion, with that advantage if you keep sketching just from your mind you will improve in a hurry. You may stumble and be stumped at best at first but the next time you take a look at the reference you will start being mindful of the shapes and all and the more you keep sketching from your mind next the more the lines you lay down will seem purposeful and your own, if that makes any sense... nevertheless I like your style and keep up the good sketch :D

hahahahahahaha zoo your so funny,

thanks Heathen, I really enjoy your art as well. I'll be looking for suggestions as I digitally paint this so I'll appreciate your oppinions as I go along.


Hello C

Hey there C,

Long time no talk, I've been really busy too, I'm jump starting my business and painted a mural for a pre-school, my son and I are also painting small murals all around my art studio, I can't wait until it's done, so far so good.

I really must add that your artwork is looking GREAT!!!:D


thanks juxsen,

for the comments, I do try everytime I lay a pencil to the paper. The funny thing is My wife is my model for alot of my art and try to make her stand still long enough to capture a pose is tough at best hahahahahaha. (The woman is constantly on the go) I think I'll try to post more art later on in the week. But for now here is a cleaned up sketch in pencil, of Shera in the original pose. I finished her this afternoon.


Thanks Phreak,

Here is another copy of the same pic accept with changes in the sketch.
notice the skull under his feet....I'm going to change that to an armadillo or a stack of books. I also enlarged him in the room to have more presence. also through in a lil more detail.



Man, this is definitely my favourite work of yours so far! Really nice stuff!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Computer problems? Lord sufferin' bullfrogs Batman! I thought you just bought a Pentium 5000 with triple access dioeds, 5 trillion megs of ram, three speed, plus reverse sound and video card, a coffee perculator and a monitor that would put Imax to shame? What the hell happened bud?:D

almost complete

Nope that wasn't it hahahahaha ,

I was goofing with some new charcoal sticks and drew him last night....the wife seems to think I need to draw more of the dragon......what do you guys think?


Hey dream thanks for visiting my blog ! Hey I have a question? did you like the smooth jazz playiong in the Background or should take that off my blog? I've also posted some thanksgiving coloring pages there and soon to start posting christmas pages as well.
Well, I'v finally musterd up the courage to start coloring my wizard poster and hope to have it complete before christmas. here is a portion of it with some color and a overlay to show direction of the light from the fireplace. I'll post more as I go along.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!


Thanks jab!

ya he's good isn't he?!!

Mr. waheednasir
I like the Bg myself but the wife said is there any way you could make it more mid evil looking? I will be sending you an updated ink of the dragons and my exact layout ....hope you don't mind? But for now i wanted to post my Christmas card for this year!

Happy holidays everyone.....

I like what you've done so far, maybe add some dragon's lairs with one or more dragons on the cliff sides.

Just an Idea.:D

DS 7959

An answer to your question, yes I do like some jazz, but I think you should use the music you like for the blog or maybe you should put a selection list of different types of music and let the viewer pick, I really like your thanksgiving pages, the turkey is my favorite, I love what you've done so far with the wizard, can't wait to see the finished piece.

DS 7959:D

Another Wizard Comment...

Im also like the wizard drawing! comment 1004...haha.., sweet detail work as far as placement, it was like a scavanger hunt to see what was all in there...and glad to here your back from the hospital

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