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‘The Parakeets:’ Who Knew Birdwatching Could be so Funny

Two bickering birds and their hapless owner make an amusing dysfunctional ensemble in this new animated web series.

Thanks to Greg Capin for a sorely needed afternoon chuckle, courtesy of The Parakeets, his “weird indie project,” made with friends, about two bickering parakeets and their owner. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s funny. File under the category, “Get in, Get Out, Mission Accomplished.” 

Capin told AWN, “Basically, it’s about good-natured Nubert and his twisted cellmate Kirby.  They end up in a series of escalating standoffs and antics that culminates in an epic battle over Facebook ‘Likes.’ Based on semi true stories…our show is an improvised, and very strange labor of love.  We plan to roll out one episode per week.”

He also shared that Natalie Capin, fugitive mental asylum patient, recorded the real-life interactions of Kirby and Nubert and is only credited as writer and voice actor for legal purposes. Capin credits himself as writer and voice actor who indulged Natalie in her madness over the years. Editor Adam Modiano has worked in the New York animation industry for over 10 years, with jobs in production, editing, and writing. He served as associate producer on Season 5 and 6 of Adult Swim's The Venture Bros., and most recently wrote for Christy Karacas' newest Adult Swim series, BallMastrz: 9009, which aired this spring.

Capin notes the show’s “playful art style is handled by a small crew of young animation pros,” including Jonathan Rawlings (Adult Swim's Superjail and China, IL), Virgile Bage (Tom Moore's Song of the Sea, Amazon's Niko and the Sword of Light, Adult Swim's The Jellies and BallMastrz: 9009), and Katelyn Walsh (PBS's Word Girl, IFC's Out There, Hulu's The Awesomes, NBC's The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special). The show is produced by Arcade Vandals.

Take a look - here’s their first offering:

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