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WarnerMedia Shares 'Bugs Bunny Builders' Preschool Series Trailer

Featuring the crazy antics of the Looney Tune gang, the new show employs a Humancentric Learning curriculum to help kids cultivate essential skills; it debuts July 25 on Cartoon Network's Cartoonito, then streams onto HBO Max July 26.

WarnerMedia has announced the Looney Tunes cast of characters has joined a construction crew in the new 2D animated series, Bugs Bunny Builders, the first new Looney Tunes preschool show in over 20 years, and the first ever with an educational framework. Premiering on Cartoon Network's Cartoonito programming block on Monday, July 25, the show launches on HBO Max's Cartoonito on July 26. The series also premieres globally, starting in LATAM on July 26.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, the series breaks new ground by combining the iconic characters' wackiness, humor, and slapstick with a modern Humancentric Learning curriculum. The educational framework promotes children's fascination with building and design, helping preschoolers cultivate essential skills, such as self-expression, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and scientific and mathematical thinking. The show aims to empower its young audience with the notion of "if you can imagine it, you can build it!"

"Filled with the big ideas and idiosyncratic humor of classic Looney Tunes, we think this will be one of the looniest building shows geared towards preschoolers out there," shared Amy Friedman, head of kids & family programming, Warner Bros. "This show will serve as a great entry point for little ones to observe that anything is both possible and hilarious — and with Lola front and center, this is built equally for girls and boys."

"Like so many of us, Looney Tunes was a predominant part of my childhood,” added the show's supervising producer, Abe Audish. “These iconic characters were a major influence on my personal style of comedy that I have applied throughout my career.  It's an honor to foster the next generation of Looney Tunes fans and offer them a new series that stays true to the core of each character while adding a fresh, modern spin."

In Bugs Bunny Builders, Bugs and Lola are managers of the Looney Builders construction crew comprised of Daffy, Porky, Tweety, and more familiar Looney faces. Together, the team helps their fellow citizens of Looneyburg with zany building projects. Whether building a thrilling new racetrack or creating an out-of-this-world ice cream sundae, no job is too big or wild for the Looney Builders when they work as a team and utilize their super-looney tools and souped-up vehicles. 

Watch the trailer:

Parents can share their favorite Looney Tunes characters while their preschoolers learn about building and design and are encouraged to create imaginative builds offscreen.

"It's no mistake that the block corner is one of the most engaging places in the preschool classroom," said Dr. Laura Brown, curriculum director at Cartoonito. "It's where curiosity, creativity, and teamwork meet! Drawing inspiration from children's passion for building, Bugs Bunny Builders supports understanding of the design thinking process (imagine, build, fix) and inspires viewers to think creatively, work together and manage challenges."

Looney Tune's veteran actor Eric Bauza returns to voice Bugs, Tweety, and Daffy, and fellow Looney Tunes actor Bob Bergen will voice Porky, with Chandni Parekh making her Looney Tunes character debut as Lola. Additional cast members include Jeff Bergman as Sylvester, Alex Cazares as Petunia Pig, and Fred Tatasciore as Taz. Audish serves as showrunner and supervising producer. Sam Register serves as executive producer.

Meet the Looney Builders below:

  • Bugs (Jobs: crew co-leader, digger; Vehicle: excavator): Bugs isn't the kind of Bunny who's afraid of getting his hands dirty; rabbits are natural diggers, after all. He's a natural-born leader with a knack for improvising and still enjoys a good carrot.
  • Lola (Jobs: crew co-leader, architect, mover; Vehicle: bulldozer): Lola is the perfect mix of dreamer and doer. She's also the reason The Looney Builders are always in demand. Thanks to Lola's artistic eye and trusty tablet, everything the Looney Builders build is an instant landmark.
  • Daffy (Job: hauler; Vehicle: dump truck): Daffy is excitable, impulsive, easily distracted, and well… Daffy! Of all the Looney Builders, Daffy is probably the least worried when things go wrong. In fact, he kinda likes it because it makes things more exciting! But he can put his bill down and feather up when push comes to shove to see the job through.
  • Porky (Job: flattener; Vehicle: steamroller): Porky is a reliable, well-meaning perfectionist who wants everything to be "Porky Perfect." He loves following the rules and thinks from a "safety first" perspective. He is also a great listener and always has his crew's backs.
  • Tweety (Job: lifter; Vehicle: crane): Always adorable, Tweety often asks questions to help clarify things. But don't let his sweet demeanor fool you; Tweety is just as determined as the rest. This canary is always looking out for the little guy, has a cute giggle, and really looks up to Bugs and Lola.
  • Sylvester (Job: master painter; Vehicle: aerial lift): An ornery artist who prefers working alone, Sylvester is easily agitated and often keeps to himself. Despite being sthuper confident in his abilities, Sylvester is afraid of heights, a fear he has to face regularly operating his aerial lift.
  • Petunia (Job: mechanic; Vehicle: tool truck): The Looney Builders' extraordinary construction vehicles need an extraordinary mechanic. Lucky for them, Petunia Pig is at their vehicle service! Petunia is spunky with an infectious snort-laugh. She is a grease-stained gearhead who enjoys making dramatic entrances and departures.
  • Wile E. Coyote (Job: inventor; Vehicle: jetpack): A self-proclaimed super genius, Wile E. Coyote, is constantly inventing the next gadget to help the Looney Builders with their job. He is always serious, often with deadpan delivery, and irritated by many things, including the pesky Road Runner.
  • Taz (Job: demolition; Vehicle: himself!): His unique skills aren't right for every job, but when you need something knocked down, destroyed, or wrecked – he's the Tasmanian Devil to call!

Source: WarnerMedia

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