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U.S. Miyazaki fans look forward to new books

Taking advantage of the buzz around the upcoming release of the Englishversion of PRINCESS MONONOKE directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which is due to bereleased on October 29, 1999, Stone Bridge Press and Miramax Press are bothreleasing tie-in books. Stone Bridge Press is publishing HAYAO MIYAZAKI:MASTER OF JAPANESE ANIMATION by Helen McCarthy. The book mixes film-by-filmsummaries with insider interviews and discussions of art, plot, productionqualities, and themes. It is a 216 page, 7x9" paperback with more than 70illustrations, including 8 color pages. It is due out in September and hasa suggested retail price of US18.95. Helen McCarthy is the author ofseveral books about anime, including THE ANIME MOVIE GUIDE. Miramax Pressis releasing PRINCESS MONONOKE: THE ART AND MAKING OF JAPAN'S MOST POPULARFILM OF ALL TIME. It is a 224 page book with many color illustrations andis due out sometime in July and has a suggested retail price of $39.95.Hayao Miyazaki is considered Japan's premiere animation director. Hisfilms, besides PRINCESS MONONOKE, include MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, NAUSISCA, andKIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE.