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Nickelodeon Teams with UNICEF for Motivational Character

Nickelodeon Latin America, in collaboration with UNICEF, announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at children throughout Latin America to motivate positive changes in their daily lives in order to contribute to a better planet.

Starting Monday, Jan. 28, new character "Verdito" will make daily on-screen appearances encouraging change with brief, direct and age-appropriate messages that appeal to the Nick audience. The square-shaped, very green animated character will offer suggestions, challenges and ideas to motivate children to do their part to make the world a better place.

"Children are a fundamental part of building a better future, and providing them with the tools to become more aware of their environment is one of our goals. It is important to reach children in a fun and creative way that they can identify with. We at UNICEF are happy to be part of this initiative with Nick, and to have Verdito as a character we can count on to motivate children to contribute to and be a part of a better planet," said Nils Kastberg, UNICEF's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Like a child, Verdito is constantly noticing what goes on around him, thinking about it and creating his own ideas, suggestions and solutions. Verdito symbolizes the common sense innate in every child, always expressing his opinions in a way with which children can identify. Among the concepts presented by Verdito are:

* Being kind to others* Respecting differences in others* Caring for nature and the environment to address climate change* Eating well and staying active* Finding and pursuing things that bring you joy* Having the freedom to be yourself* Helping others* Planting a tree

Verdito is also the cousin of Cubito, the orange, square-shaped animated character that provides on-air programming information on Nick.