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Task Force Shaman Goes Atomic

Atomic Cartoons, creators of world-famous ATOMIC BETTY, have announced a partnership with RAVEN TALES creator Chris Kientz on a new animated action-adventure series, TASK FORCE SHAMAN. Kientz and Atomic will be debuting the project to buyers and broadcasters at the 2008 Kidscreen Summit in New York this February.

TASK FORCE SHAMAN (26x22) features eight mismatched teenagers from across the globe, all of them entrusted with magical amulets that imbue them with unique paranormal powers. They're typical awkward teens: outcasts and misfits doing their best to grow up and work together as a team. What they don't know yet, however, is that they are the only thing that stands between humanity and the greatest threat our world has ever faced.

At Kidscreen 2008, Atomic Cartoons will be taking meetings in the Summit lounge. For more info, contact Chelsea Woodgate at Atomic Cartoons.