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MPC LA Scores with ‘Madden NFL 16’

Teaming with agency Heat and award-winning director Wayne McClammy of prodco hungry man, MPC LA’s team of world-renowned artists provides VFX and post services for a new trailer for EA’s ‘Madden NFL 16.’

MPC LA recently provided VFX and post-production services for a new trailer for EA’s Madden NFL 16 video game. San Francisco agency Heat teamed up with award-winning director Wayne McClammy of prodco hungry man and MPC LA’s team of world-renowned artists for the epic movie parody trailer, Madden: The Movie.

With movie references ranging from Bollywood love stories and classic buddy movies to invincible sci-fi monsters and Russian oligarch super villains, playmakers such as Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski, Falcons’ Julio Jones, Steelers’ Antonio Brown and 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick join forces with celebrity favorites Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Matthew Willig in an action-packed caper:

“Doing a longer format spot is always fun because you get caught up in the momentum of the story and have some latitude to really push and try the unexpected,” said MPC VFX supervisor Benji Davidson. “Of course it helps to be collaborating with Heat and a director like Wayne who set the creative bar so high and trust our process. We created a pipeline for Madden: The Movie across our studios in Los Angeles, New York, London and Bangalore. We employed all disciplines and routed the work through Telecine to keep color consistent. We spent two weeks completing 200 shots, and although we were a little sleep deprived, we did everything with a laugh and love where we landed.”

“Wayne gave us permission to turn the crazy up to eleven on this one, which is rare in a commercial,” said MPC VFX supervisor Zach Tucker. “Madden: The Movie is filled with a myriad of effects, from Rob Gronkowski’s football launcher to Coach Rex Ryan crushing an Audi. The last shot, for example, is effectively a living movie poster. Our two heroes walking slow motion towards camera with controlled chaos behind them. A roaring pet T-Rex? Check. Squadron of football-firing helicopters? Check. One huge explosion? No way, make it four.”

Source: MPC LA

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