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Mission & Patriot Still Strong At The International Box Office

After its first full week in theatres, THE PATRIOT finished at the top in Germany, Spain and Brazil. In Germany, THE PATRIOT fought out the debut of CHICKEN RUN with a gross of US$1.62 million, bringing its cume to $6.05 million. CHICKEN came in with a gross of $1.35 million. Dropping two slots to fourth, THE PERFECT STORM washed up $569,269, advancing its cume to $9.63 million. TITAN A.E. premiered in fifth with a gross of $491,902. Slipping to sixth, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 added $463,141 to its German cume of $23.08 million. In Spain, PATRIOT amassed $1.33 million, raising its Spanish cume to $3.25 million. Staying steady in second, M:I 2 grossed $1.15 million, bringing its 3-week Spanish cume to $2.75 million. Premiering in fourth, THE FLINTSTONES VIVA ROCK VEGAS made $575,022. GLADIATOR slipped to fifth with a gross of $526,891, raising its Spanish cume to $1.13 million. Also down a spot to sixth, STUART LITTLE landed another $372,027, advancing its Spanish cume to $950,830. Holding on to seventh, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT rounded up $236,523, bringing its Spanish cume to $454,886. Falling two places to eighth, FANTASIA/2000 danced to the tune of $157,133, raising its Spanish cume to $450,843. In its second week in Spanish theatres, STIR OF ECHOES summed up $143,646, bringing its cume to $285,912. Over in Brazil, PATRIOT walked away with another $1.26 million, advancing its cume to $3.02 million. After four weeks in the South American country, DINOSAUR racked up $601,318, raising its cume to $7.52 million. Flip flopping with Disneys prehistoric pic, POKEMON THE MOVIE 2000 grossed $531,330, advancing its cume to $2 million. M:I 2 held on to fourth with a gross of $302,011, bringing its Brazilian cume to $8.61 million. GLADIATOR moved back up a spot to sixth, adding $170,618 to its Brazilian cume of $8.18 million. Taking the Roman romps place from last week, THE ROAD TO EL DORADO collected $108,355, elevating its Brazilian cume to $765,756. Dropping a spot to ninth, THE FLINTSTONES prequel heaped up $42,508, growing its Brazilian cume to $758,133. Falling to second in Australia, THE PATRIOT acquired $974,819, lifting its cume to $4.65 million. The time-twisting FREQUENCY debuted in third with a gross of $701,686. THE X-MEN fell two spots to #4, with a gross of $569,713, advancing its Australian cume to $5.53 million. Plummeting from fourth to seventh, GONE IN 60 SECONDS drove in with $290,073, raising its Australian cume to $7.91 million. Also falling three spots to eighth, THE PERFECT STORM gathered an additional $251,224, lifting its cume to $6.1 million.

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