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Freddy Vs. Jason Uses Eyetronics’ Scanning Technology

For the upcoming feature FREDDY VS. JASON, Freddy vs. Jason Prod used Eyetronics mobile scanning services. The filmmakers chose the technology so they could increase the quality of the visual effects and meet their goals within their tight 10-week production schedule.

We chose to scan the characters and items instead of using hand-modeling or cyberscans because of the ease of getting a detailed scan and because we were so impressed by the level of photorealistic detail from Eyetronics models, said Ariel Shaw, visual effects supervisor at Freddy vs. Jason Prod. Because time constraints with the lead talents it can be very difficult to get the actors in the place you need them for the effects. Hand modeling can take weeks or even months. Eyetronics was able to do all the scanning in a few hours.

Actors Robert Englund (Freddy) and Ken Dirzinger (Jason) were scanned on location using the hand-held ShapeCam system. In addition, Jasons mask and machete and Freddys knife-fingered glove were scanned. Eyetronics used its ShapeSnatcher software to create 3D digital models with textures based on grid deformation from the scans. Effects houses Pixel Magic and Cinesite then imported the models into Lightwave and Maya to integrate them into the final scenes. The film opens in theaters August 15, 2003.

Eyetronics creates 3D scanning solutions for the entertainment industry. For more information visit

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