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Hi every one my self Simon and i am a student of animation.


Hi everyone! I'm Christine, currently a film student here in the Philippines, and self-studying animation. I fell in love with animation because of Studio Ghibli films. Cheers! :D

Thanks for the great post.

Thanks for the great post.

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Amazon Studios is looking for an animation character designer or comic book artist to create original character designs for*For Sale By Superhero, a family comedy project currently in active development at Amazon Studios.


Am gentle,reserved, animation because they are inspiring..

Hi everyone, I'm a screenwriting student in LA and while I don't know much about animation techniques, I love animated films and would like to learn more about them. Nice to meet you all!

Hello :)
Happy to be here :)

I am a filmmaker and an inspiring director. I stumble upon a couple of animation films and find it interesting. I'm currently in starting a buisness for film animation as well as shooting our own films.

Look us up on youtube, RiceDaddyProd, we only have one video up. But rest assure we will be making more.

I'm looking to do a joint venture with a animator


I am a starting animator, I am 18. Did one or two animations and loving it! I want to improve and become a great animator in future. I want to learn somethings like audio and stuff so I joined this forum. Hope I meet great people.

Hi, I'm just 14 and I love animation and thinking about a career in it :)

I've always wanted a business, so ideally I want my own animation studio!
I know you'll all be laughing at that though - from what I've read on the forum so far, it seems pretty impossible for me :D

Hi everyone,

I have had a keen interest in animation since my first short "Journey Inside a Volcano", which was a class project in elementary school twenty years ago. Now I am mostly an avid viewer and appreciator of animation and am interested in pursuing it as a hobby.


Film Music Producer/Composer and Engineer
Piano Background Music


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I like animation, sometimes I make cartoons.


Hi, I'm getting the chance to pitch my series but I need some information. Hopefully you guys can help :D


Aloha, sailors!


Hello, My name is Jamshed. I have done a diploma in Animation from Arena Animation and M.Sc. in Multimedia and Animation from The Indian Institute of digital Art and Animation which is under Punjab Technical University.
I am currently working as a 2D Flash Animator.
I am also interested in Free Lancing and teaching people the art of Animation, I have 7 months of production experience and have worked on more than 25 episodes of Zee Bangla's "Chander Buri and Magic Man" cartoon.

Hello All

I'm Martin hello I'm of an age when I should be putting my feet up and sitting in a rocking chair by the fire.
BUT as I live in a wheelchair 24/7 and love to draw, paint and do cartoons I decided to use my time more productively and learn about animation.
As you can see I have a computer, now all I need is some advice about what software to use to animate my projects.
Any advice will be gratefully received, Thank you.
Oh and as I am in England please remember that I have to be careful with money as the state gives me very little to live on.


Hello, i am here to study!

I'm a learning artist and I want to be able to learn some tips on how to animate well. I look forward to looking at some of the experiences and products of fellow animators on this site and really hope that we can all learn something together. Peace!

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as the administrator asked to stay way from spam asked to post here animator plus


Signing in.

Hey, I am a Motion Media grad, but I so wish it was animation.
Fav cartoon series: Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Shooting for the moon...

Hello all! I'm here to post my work and get advice and to help others! Thanks!

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Hi there! I'm here to learn :)

I'm an architect, all set and ready to jump into the world of animation. Been doing stuff since a long time, but now I'm seriously considering this is my career.


I'm a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, earning my BFA in Animation. I've worked for Horseback Salad Entertainment,, and Nickelodeon Animation Studios among others. To see my work, visit

I love CG.

I enjoy watching CG and seeing the technology get better over the years. It used to be very simple and has come a long way.

Looking for freelancer cartoon animator

Hello to all,
I am Looking for freelancer cartoon animator


Hi, I wish you the very best of luck finding someone to create your cartoon.

I am one of ten online gamers, who add games to a website in the UK, called Free Online Games.

freelance animator

Hello am a freelance animator


i am looking for animators for a game i am writing, and for other developments.


Hello Everyone,

I'm marvin from USA and 27 years old. I'm glad here with all of you.

Hello, everyone

I am a Chinese.I have an animation studio.The name EasternMiracle.
We are committed to the production of animation, games, models and other outsourcing services.

Bron Team in force at Siggraph 2012

Several Senior technical and production team members from Vancouver BC's BRON ANIMATION will be attending SIGGRAPH 2012 from August 5-9th. We look forward to talking to colleagues, vendors, and talented artists. Check out what we are working on at Let us know if you want to connect and/or feel free to ask for more information at

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Hello everyone .
I am a SEO expert .

Introducing myself

Hi everyone, already feel great to be part of this huge community. Looking forward to a wonderful time.

Hi all, my name is Helmy

I joined this forum so I can share my demo reel to hopefully get some feedback and job offer eventually :D

There's also great things to discuss about animation. Looking forward to chat with you guys


hello my name is Dominic i am from us


Hello Hello

Hello :D

I am a new member .

I am looking for help for PIZZA FLIP TM Pizza in 3D doing a pizza Flip . I created years ago . like to see him alive . help launch Pizza toppings on both sides best KGA .

hello. i am a new member and i became a animator because i loved so many cartoons in my childhood. i am following a multimedia degree in animation. now i am doing 3d animation


Hi everybody

Hello! My name is Carlos Carriles. I'm a 38 year old Spanish 3D artist and musician, and I'd like to learn from people's posts, and get some feedback to my own work.

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hi i have questions about the animation career which is something i rlly look forward to someday pursuing and i want to get a better understanding of what im getting into.

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... that was an evil laugh.

I must reply!

hello all!

just a quick reply to enter the forums

entry greeting

I'm excited about getting involved in this site!