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Hello friends, my name is martin and i am here to share my idea's related to animation. Actually i want to make a animation movie and in this project, i want your help and your idea's too.


Hello All,

I am vijeta and quite new in animation field. I just started my carrier as an animator and joined this to gain some knowledge from you. Hope your support.



Hello Animation World Network,

My name is Justin, and I work under the name "HypeBox". In august, I will be a junior in the Computer Animation Department at Ringling College of Art + Design.

I'm looking to trade advice in my studies of the profession and hope the feedback from this forum will help my animations and future pursuits.


Hello AWN --

I'm a musician/animator working on a 40 minute 3D stereoscopic video album. Thought I'd try soliciting some feedback about the stuff I'm working on in AWN's Show and Tell forum.

Thanks! :)

Hello there!

Hey everyone, I am an aspiring character animator and artist. I joined AWN to get feedback on my work and to help with future pursuits. I am a sophomore at The College of New Jersey and because of my location, it's becoming increasingly harder to find any internships or jobs for animation and hope to gain some advice as to how to obtain that first internship.


Hello everyone! My name is MVEssick. I have been writing my own scripts for years now and I have been looking into animation as a means to make my stories come to life. I am currently joining this forum considering that I want to major in character animation/digital media in the near future and I figured that joining a forum of this caliber would the right place to start.


I found the thread particularly interesting, as I am also working on my application essay. You seem like a helpful bunch, and I hope to get some feedback on mine as well.


I am an illustrator too.

Hello! I'm an aspiring animator/illustrator hoping to study animation in a couple years at a university.

hola from Cali

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Hey! I can't wait to talk to others with the same interests as me! :D

Iacob Adrian

Iacob Adrian is a european 2D/3D graphic artist and music producer/composer and a passionate of digital media production 2D/3D graphics , animations , music , video production and special video effects.
He has his own digital media studio production .

Hi everyone

I am a 3d character designer and feels good to be on AWNforum
and more great thing is i would reviews of my work from all of you and all over the world. :D


I am looking for potential animators to work on a project with me for YouTube!


I am looking for potential animators to work on a project with me for YouTube!

reply.... I hope I can be at service with you.....

Need a 2d ANIMATOR for your small scale animation? Feel free to contact me......

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My name is Deepak Nair and I'm from Kerala, Southern India. I'm currently pursuing my final year (3rd Year) in BA- 3D Animation in Chennai, India. I got my attention into animation back wen I was in High School. I really enjoyed drawing and later started to do clay modeling. While most of my friends took courses like Engineering my plan was to study something that I love and brings out my real capabilities. Then I found a college offering BA in 3D-Animation and entered into the creative world.

Hey, I'm Peter. I'm a 2d animator.


Greetings fellow artists, I'm here to share what I've learned from working in the television industry in exchange for a bit of your wisdom in regards to my current efforts to crossover into other forms of media. Looking forward to meeting some of you!


hi,i love animation and i wish to work with animated movies,but i think i'm not suited to be an animator.joined this forum to see if there are any who went throught something similar


I recently finished a bachelor of computer graphics, with a focus on animation, and I'm looking to find info on either work or further studies. I'm into 2d as well as 3d.

Hello all I am a new animation student thought this would be an informative forum


I'm currently an art student with a strong interest in 3d animation or any animation in general. I'm so happy to finally be a part of a forum with others who may share the same passion as me.:D


hello, so happy at last found this kind of forum! ANIMATOR FOR EVA


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I am a fan of 3D animation and would like to know more about it

Uh, hello!

Hello there! I'm here to gain some information about an old CG cartoon. But if I'm not careful, I'll learn something new! :)


Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of animation and am a novice animator myself. I'm here to learn and to meet others who share this same interest.


hello! just joined this excellent forum to gain knowledge in animation.


I'm an illustrator looking to meet others and compare work


I am Sam Ryder, website designer :)

I Hope from this forum I will teach many things.



Hi everyone. I am studying anomation and wanted to learn more so i joined awn.


Hi everyone I am working in animation industry for 7 yrs

Hello :))

I'm a mom of one :D

We like cartoons.

thank you for approving my account..:rolleyes:

Hello everyone, I am do animation as a hobby, and I like to know more about my passion, so I joined this forum.


If you are considering to join in beauty contests, you might actually need to read more in here:


Glad to be part of this forum. :)

Hello! Just registered for the forums and I'm excited to meet everyone!

General comment

Oh oh OH! I never meet anyone else who's even read that, let alone likes it! I think Dawn Wind has to be up there with my top 5 books ever, I absolutely adore it. I love the writing - so beautiful and moving - I love Owain and Regina and Dog, I love the apocalyptic scenario, and the hope in it, and everything.

different people,different ideas


i am an animation proffessional.just wanted to look at different ideas from different people.

Hello, I'm animation hobbyist, i hope you accept me in this forum.
I have some animation tests on youtube:

Thank you


Hi there,

Iv just started animating in the past 4 months and loving it...actually, no, Im loving seeing my pictures move, the process however, is painful.

Hoping to be inspired, learn, and gain valuable feedback on my work from this forum.



An other new member

Hello everyone !


Hello, everyone. This looks like a mighty fine and knowledgeable community. I love drawing and traditional animation. I hope to learn more about this amazing industry and maybe get some feedback on future projects. Looking forward to browsing the forums and asking questions. :)

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Hello, I found this forum and looking forward to a lot information I can find here to improve my animation skills. :)

Hello icecubes here.
I make flash animations.
I would like to share my animations and improve :)

May I come in??


This is an animator reporting as a new comer to your forum. SIR!

Animation is my passion an I love to visualize things like life in the future, super natural impact with nature and crazy stuff like that.

Thank you.

With regards,
Jahangir Hussain.


hello, nice to b here


I'm french distributor looking for animated short films for childrens (3 to 6 yo) to distribute in french theaters.



New member

Hello Guy iam a new member in the forum , i:D