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leeds sound designer looking for projects

leeds sound designer looking to broaden skills and add to existing portfolio of work


I keep getting linked to threads and I have found some good info here

Hello. I'm SAJ and I'm interested in creating 2D animation.

hello animation forum gang!

this is my new member hello greeting.
lets get the party started!

I need a better understanding of the world of animators and anim

I'm not an animator. I'm a script writer and a song writer. I've got some video projects in indy development ( and I've worked as a magazine writer and as a professional actor. I worked at 20th Century Fox in the music editing department years ago, but that was mostly just assisting, not creative. I created scrawled cartoon books when I was a kid, but my drawing - always rapid - was pretty sloppy, and that was before all the wonderful software available now.

I'm here because I have a project that is 3 minutes long, a soundtrack already recorded, a song that makes people laugh. It's perfect for animation. I downloaded the Pivot stickman program to see if I could learn the process rapidly enough to do it myself. Fascinating stuff. Wish it had been around when I was a kid. The characters I need are a chicken and a farmer and a guitar. It can be extremely simple, but it's obvious I can't do it. Even with borrowed figures from Droidz - it would be like picking up the violin and wanting to appear in a concert the day after tomorrow.

So now I'm here. What I really want to find is an animator with a grin in their heart who can take this soundtrack and show off their talent and mine. The song is funny enough it could go viral, but I don't know if there is money in it if it did. I realize there are probably animation shops that hang around here looking for clients, but that's not in the spirit of this particular project. It's a YouTube sort of project, upload it and go for a million hits - ? Or you have another suggestion?

I don't want to just upload the song for the public without the animation - because even though I believe it would get a lot of listens, this is a visual world we live in. It will be funniest with the animation.

As an aside, but relevant, does anybody remember a student short animated film from a years back, featured on the Arts and Entertainment channel in the USA, introduced by movie director, John Badham, called "Mister, do you want to buy a chicken?" - I think that was the title.

Okay, so that's why I'm here. I'm a writer looking for someone to work in the short form, 2-3 minutes, either with this song or another story or song.

Would you like to participate in making a short human rights fil

We are a voluntry human rights non profit making web society at: Hiwaar Organisation We are creating a short film about the revolutions in the Arab world. Part of the film is a simple animation (three scenes). Would you like to participate, by creating and managining the animated part? please drop me an email by clickinh here


Hello everyone ,I an a animator and i want to join AWN to share my animation and learn

Hi All!
Im Jabril. I've been drawing from day one, but didn't decided to fully dedicate my life to becoming an famous cartoonist until the 4th grade. Since then I have been studying all diffenert types of cartoons both animated and print in order to perfect my art.

In 2008 I entered and won the Nicktoons Network Greater Creator award for his show "Chicken Herder"

In 2009, I entered his show " Pots and Pans Band" into the Nicktoons Network Greater Creater contest and won again.

In the Fall of 2010 an episode of a Pots and Pans Band was apart of the SCAD Challege, and got ranked in the Top 20 best film entries of over thousands around the world.

I also have the honor of being a member of the YoungArts family. YoungArts is a prestigous art program for teen artist, age 17 and 18. I recieved a Merit Honorable mention award in winter of 2010, placing me in the top 5% of Americas best teen artist.

Boy did i write a lot! I cant wait to talk animation with you all!

My first post : Intro

Everyone my name is Rahul and now i am doing BSc. in Multimeadia and Animation From Arena Animation.


hello, i'm about to finish my engineering and want to get out of this stream to the field of animation, where my interest lies..


My name is Gregory Eugene, I'm a Christian Evangelist and I use animation in some of my outreach. Currently I want to make an Animated Bible, I have a vampire comedy and I'm in the middle of drawing artwork for a motion comic with a minimalist theme based around a mechanical world where warlords fight for power. I love animation and am excited to learn more of what's possible.

Hi All

My name's Dave. Just joined the Forum and am looking foreward to learning what I can and sharing what I've learned.

Hey everyone.

I'm on the lookout for help with my animation technique. I like to be a part of as many forums/communities as I can.


hey there

I'm an artist learning about animation. thanks !


Hi there, I'm a designer/animator from Sydney

Hi All

We ImageMaker Ad Inc are makers of high-end technical illustration and animation

Looking forward to discuss animation related posts


We're an up-and-coming Animation Studio. Looking forward to posting to fellow animators :)

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Aspiring Animation and Multimedia Students

i was referred by a fellow animation student in School concerning this forum. He wants me to get an account and join the community to learn more about the subject and have first hand tips from the experts joining the community..

thanks..kudus for the community.

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Hello everyone!!

I'm from Bangalore. Pencil sketching and painting started as a hobby and now its a passion. Since I don't see any big market for the basic fine art skills and I want to learn the applied arts like the animation and switch my career from IT sector to animation. Below is the link to my works.

Any suggestion will be a great career help for me.

Thank you,
(Manoj Acharya)

New Member First Post

Hi! Looking forward to being able to read and post in your forums!


stopping by to say hello, glad to be a part of this forum :)

Hi all

Hi all, I'm new here, it's about 2years that I make animations.
I work with Stickman4.9 and Elemento, but I will move soon to Toonboom.
At first I was making stickman,but I think it less fun than making some real animation,so I draw animals and zombie and stuff like that,but now I draw some real personnages, I make it more realisitc possible.
I want to work at Ubisoft,but I'm only 17year's old,so I make a portfolio to get there.
Oh.. and sorry for my bad english I live in montreal at quebec, it's a city of french canadian ;)

That's all, I think... So HI !

A..Khmm.. Uh?

So qarz.y


B-Rock in the House!

Hi everyone! I'm B-Rock, the Prez' alter ego.

Powered by my menthols, I kick the butts of terrorist and conniving politicians that dare cross my path, while still making sexy time with Michelle.

Hail to the Chief, Baby!

Hey Thar!

Lol I just want some access to the forums Please.

You people like animations right?
Check out my youtube channel: :D

Hello Want to access the forum

hows everyone?
Music producer for game apps and animations

Hi, how are you guys doing

Video production specialist/film maker. I am a newbie to animation, I have a lott to learn. need some pointers

Hello AWN

I am looking to get feedback and make new online aquaintances...


make pictures move innit

I am a newbie in this forum and I am hoping that you guys will help me in my animation projects. Thanks ahead.

what is a short sale

Hi, will probably just lurk about, but wanted to register so I can chip in sometime if I have something worthwhile to say...!

Hi...Gud Trick!

Hi...I am new here. Really your way to verify anti-spam is quite good.
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Hi, I'm new to the forums and would love access to the stuff that matters.



new member

Me an animator and visualiser.


Hello, i am John Achot from Nigeria. I have a dream of being an animator with my own studio. I am into cartoon, comics etc. I join the forum to get knowledge on how to start and run a studio, and to also get information on the latest tech (you know what i mean).


hello my name is travis, also known as evergrimm throughout most gaming communities. i am a flash animator that wants to move on to real animation's and cartoons.


please authorize me to join the forums.

I am manager of the Media Department of Dan Alexander and CO.

thank you

Hi i am patrick.. I am a new member here.. Excited to get to know about other members.. And yea let me get my access. :D


Hey! My name is Nath and I just graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design. I'd love to become a part of the AWN forums.

You can see my work here:

Hello, there!

I'm Sierra. I joined this site after I saw that it had to do with cartooning and animation and that told me that maybe I could come here for some help and opinions. I love drawing cartoons and designing my own characters for the stories I write. I have just received my VERY FIRST Wacom Board and have just graduated from high school. After two years of taking core classes in college where I live, I plan to go somewhere like Fullsail in Florida to take animation classes. But I'm also here to discuss cartoons and animated films. <3 I'm kind of a girly-girl at times, so I can get all happy. Oh and I should probably write a bit about myself aside from the animation, too. I'm very stubborn with the things I want, I do TRY to be nice but I'm not afraid to fight and stand my ground, I don't just like one kind of music (I like almost all music), I am not always picky about the types of cartoons that I like, I am a HUGE fan of the Tim Burton team and the Disney team and I really REALLY hope to one day at least MEET Timmy (Tim Burton) and get to ask him a few of the questions from my ever-growing list... (A few of them are about his way of stop-motion animation and a few are about specific characters from the movies I love so much.)

I pledge allegiance to the Princess Celestia
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One pasture under Derpy Hooves,
Always dependable, with Elements Of Harmony
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I just graduated and am looking for some animation communities to be a part of. I am interested in all kinds of animation, especially cutout, but i'm most experienced with Non-Photorealistic 3D. I like too see what other people are up to and i'd also like to show stuff i'm working on.


Hello everyone ,I am a fx artist and i want to join AWN to share my work & experience and get feedback.

Hello I've been lurking on these forums for years.


i am venkataramana amballa,i am from hyderabad resently completed my course in 3d animation,animation is my passion to work as an animater and my educational qualification i am completed graduation from ousmania universite:)


Dear Friends

My name is mangal Daydreamer

I am from Nepal currently studying in Melbourne Australia

Want to be an animator


here is my website :

my facebook page : :)


i am venkataramana,3d animater

New Member

Hey all,

I'm an independent producer located in Los Angeles. Animation is my life!

Check out my property about a bat who is afraid of the dark!


animation is life!


hello everyone...