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Hello All, New member here just found this site looking up used equipment on google. Hope 2012 is a better year than 2011. Hot and sunny in California Hope you have a great day!!!


I am an artist. I need a good preproduction and 3d matte based job...plz help me

Hi everyone

I am an artist and a production manager of our own studio here in the Philippines and i am hoping that everything goes well in this site. Have a nice day.


I'm an emerging artist focussing on traditional animation and other 2D mediums.


Hi there every body. I am a newbie here. I am a cool cute fun loving person. I am a Financial Planner. I like animation very much.

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Hi there every body. I am a newbie here. I am a cool cute fun loving person. I am a Financial Planner. I like animation very much.

Hi.., i am harlodmeck, just joined this forum! Nice to meet you here! I just love animation very much and i am also very much interested in financial planning. Could you tell me what is the main difference between cfp and cfa?

financial planner perth

Old scribbler calling in

I've been animating for quite a few years, both professionally and in my own time, and decided to join up.

I'm new here

Hi, I'm from Argentina and I have decided to register on this forum because I'm studying something similar in the university. Thank you.

Hi am Dev from India


hey all animator's. i'm new to the anime world of design and hope to get mentor ship from my elders in the field as we all work towards the advancement through exploration of this new world. Enough said then, let's rock.

Looking for advice and info

Hi Everyone,
Im looking for advice and info on two industries. One you may not know about is the film industry. Im looking for a stellar web site that could tell me all about developing a career as a storyboard artist in the film industry. Karen J. Lloyd's Storyboard blog is stellar, but its really about animation (thanks Ms.Lloyd-you rock). Also, I have been looking at many entertainment games company's job postings. Even though I have a BFA with great skills in drawing, photography, and sculpture/ installation, I do not have any computer software skills. Do you think there is any way that I can work either in animation or games industries without any software experience? And oh yes, I have an education degree if that would help me?
Indebted to you,
DMC :)


Hello,I am new here...

I viewed the video and I have to say I quite enjoyed it.


Hello, I'm Adrian.
I'll post what I wrote down for the "Briefly tell us something about yourself and why you like animation" question.

I've always loved cartoons, ever since I was a little kid. I'd wake up every single Saturday morning to watch the Saturday morning cartoon programs aired on ABC, CBS, FOX, UPN, WB, and even NBC.

Well, if this forum is what I expect it to be, then I believe I'll fitright in. I do love cartoons.


Thanks @Adrian, I appreciate you taking the time to watch my short!

I didn't realize I was supposed to answer a question, here goes nothing:

I was a very practical kid who couldn't own a video camera, and since animated films were technically doable without needing a huge crew and expensive tools (or so I thought), I figured that's my best shot at bringing my dreams to life.
Yes, I genuinely wanted (And still do) to bring my dreams to life.

So here I am, after many years of animating and a few good years of live-action directing... Still hoping to bring my dreams to life.

And as more time goes by I feel more attached and devoted to the community, therefor I'm grateful for sites like this one.

Thank you.



Hello guys! I am Mark Gerry

Hello - new member here

I am an artist who uses stop motion animation for a variety of projects ranging from non-narrative collage to short form narrative based work. I also teach animation - primarily to children. Looking forward to many fruitful conversations!


hello all.. how is it going?

Hello, everyone, I really like comics, free time I painted it myself a lot of comics, I would like more people to share and exchange

Hello everybody :-)

I am an animator and illustrator who likes to combine eclectic styles and methods in my work.

Always like to become a fellow member with other artists.
Thank you.

Kind regards.

Hello All!

I'm a storyboard artist. I cut my teeth on Iron Giant and have since boarded on 14 features. I have a YouTube channel called yetivsgnome and teach storyboarding online.


Scratch! European Animation Film Festival (Italy) First Edition

Glad to be part of this forum!

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Hello everybody,

my Name is Larena, I am studying Animation in Darmstadt, Germany and looking forward to any touch with Animation lovers and industry. Right now I'm searching for an intership which would hopefully lead to a kind of win-win-situation. Great to be here.

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I enjoy being in the company of like-minded people.

Additonally, excellence in any legal capacity never ceases to leave me thunderstruck; hope to find some here.


Hi, I'm a freelance animator looking for a way to broaden my horizon by involving myself into a forum community and ways to get or give feedback. Cheers

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Hello, I'm a new user of this forum.
I love animation.



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Hello everyone!

I've always loved animation but have never done any. But with seeing more and more of it on the net I'm thinking of taking some city college classes in it, but would like to learn more before I spend the money. :)

hi this is my obligatory post


Hello everybody,
Happy to meet you all :)


Hello ,I am new here,as I like animation very much.:D


The Staffordshire Film Festival is part of the Staffordshire Festival of Performing Arts and is on Sunday 6th May from 2pm till late at the Stoke Film Theatre.

We including a Animation Categories in the Festival.

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Interesting way for spam test.Thanks

I am replying to this post.

No, really. I am.:)

my mail id is

looking for 2d animation project

I am just a high school passout.
i am very much interested in animation field.please tell me something about the scope of animation.I am very much confused about my career-whether i should chose engineering or drawing is horrible &i really doubt myself that whether i will be able to draw manga characters.



I'm an animation student at the University of Southern California. Here to get feedback on my animation and learn as much as possible.



This is toolika from India.

Oh hey

Recent college graduate with a degree in theatre, former actor who got pretty great parts, trying to make it work designing costumes. Lifelong lover of animation, trying my best to connect the acting and the designing and the theatre to make it someday in storyboarding/visual development.

Hi guys!

Hi Guys!

Just registered and hope to impart every knowledge I have about animation.

Charles :D

The first thing you should always look for when you’re hiring builders in Sydney is a company with a good track record of finishing jobs on time and on budget.


genocris from Knoxville, TN. I'll be looking for ways to market a caracter, either for cartoon or game :rolleyes:

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well have look at some drawings onthe web to give you inspiration


Howdy all, I'm very much looking forward to learning and sharing here on AWN :)

Hi all.


Hey everyone :)


hello everyone



I am Vivek and very much interested to learn animation so that i can design high quality images and also get knowledge about graphics.