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Freelance Job: 3D Character animator needed

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Freelance Job: 3D Character animator needed


We need a freelance character animator please send me a mail to:
martinandersen3d [at]

Its a big bonus if you use 3dsmax + character studio for this job, but I like to hear from you no matter what software you are using.

Animation style for this job: Realistic

- put "Freelance animator" in the title.
- Name
- Link to portfolio / animation
- Software

My work


We MFMedia, a French-based animation company located in India. We do a lot of 3D Virtual marketing movies for major European companies.

We are starting to work on several 3D Cartoon animations short movies (around 1 min/movie) and around 500 shots involved in these movies. The objective of the movies is to promote the concepts of one of the leading retail marketing company in Europe. We are looking for good character animators to work with us. We shall give you a detailed project description once you have accomplished an assessment task of 5 to 6 seconds animation given by us to assess your capability to work in our projects.

The total project requirement will be to animate 4 characters - Father, Mother, Daughter, & a dog/cat based on the storyboard and the project description which we will provide.


The skill that we will expect from the character animator is:

  • We will provide the background and the rigged character in Maya.
  • You have to animate the body and the face of the character according to the storyboard
  • Then you have to send us in playblasts for us to validate the animation. Once the animation is validated, you shall send us the 3D files.
  • No texturing or lighting need to be done, and the rendering will be done at our end.

Software: Maya

The price: 10,000 per shot.

mail to: mfmediahr [at], Ref: awn