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Autodesk Announces GDC 2013 Lineup

Autodesk announces its GDC 2013 lineup, with plans to showcase a wide range of desktop software and mobile apps that help optimize game development pipelines.


San Rafael, CA -- Autodesk announced that it will showcase a wide range of desktop software and mobile apps that help optimize game development pipelines at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2013.

The latest versions of Autodesk Gameware and Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation (DEC) Software will be on display at the Autodesk booth (#1240, South Hall), and attendees will also get hands-on time with Autodesk apps including Autodesk 123D Creature and Autodesk SketchBook Express - mobile apps that enable developers to design on the go. Additionally, the company will offer sponsored sessions, customer presentations and MasterClasses throughout the show.

Autodesk Gameware Sessions

During GDC, Autodesk will hold four sponsored sessions in Esplanade Ballroom 301, where attendees can learn from industry experts and see first-hand how Autodesk Gameware and Digital Entertainment Creation software positively impact game development. Autodesk sessions include:

Leveraging the 3rd dimension: 3D pipelines for 2D mobile/casual games What: A panel of developers from Zynga, Go-Time, Industrial Toys, Phyken Media, and Subatomic Studios will explore the benefits of using 3D art creation tools in casual, social and mobile game development When: Wednesday, March 27, 2:00pm-3:00pm

Gameware Navigation 2014 What: An overview of modern game AI including live debugging demos When: Wednesday, March 27, 3:30pm-4:30pm

The Importance of Sculpture and Structural Motivation in Rigging What: A look at the artistic side of rigging and why sculpting is vital to the process with Game Character Academy Co-Founder Judd Simantov When: Thursday, March 28, 2:30pm-3:30pm

Scaleform for Multi-Platform Mobile Game Development What: An in-depth analysis of user interface creation for multi-platform games with Mark Geigel, Chief Technology Officer ISOTX and Ankur Mohan, Autodesk product manager When: Thursday, March 28, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Offering real-life examples as to how Autodesk’s DEC software and Gameware products are used in game development, an assortment of titles created with help from Autodesk tools will be featured in the booth, including: “You Don’t Know Jack” (Jellyvision), “Flick Tennis,” (Rolocule), “Fieldrunners 2,” (Subatomic Studios) and Autodesk’s proof-of-concept game “Starforce Battlement,” originally developed to showcase the capabilities of the Scaleform Mobile SDK.

Developers Showcase Projects

Autodesk will host a number of customers at the Autodesk booth to discuss how Autodesk technology helps them create true-to-life characters, while staying on schedule. Guest presenters include:

Creation of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us trailer using Maya and Mudbox

Guest: Judd Simantov, Co-Founder, Art Technical Lead Company: Game Character Academy Products: Maya and Mudbox When: Wednesday March 27th, 3:30-4:00pm

The Use of Scaleform at ISOTX

Guest: Mark Geigel, Chief Technology Officer Company: ISOTX Product: Scaleform When: Thursday March 28th, 10:30-11:00am A full list of Autodesk MasterClasses offered at GDC will be available closer to the show.

Source: Autodesk

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