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TurboSquid Releases Tentacles Plug-in for trueSpace 7.6

TurboSquid's 3D application plug-in Tentacles is now available for 3D application trueSpace.

Tentacles is an Flash-based plug-in that integrates the entire TurboSquid online library and purchasing process into a variety of popular 3D applications, enabling users to browse, compare and purchase 3D content (including models, textures, mocap data and much more) without ever leaving the 3D applications in which they are working. The trueSpace release also marks an important evolutionary update for Tentacles -- for the first time, people using this new version will be able to publish their trueSpace creations for sales on, without having to leave either Tentacles or trueSpace.

Tentacles streamlines and simplifies the workflow of 3D artists. With Tentacles, artists can perform the following functions without leaving their 3D application window:

-- Publish 3D models into the TurboSquid marketplace right from your application. Easily upload and capture metadata to make publishing simple-- Store all of your media, materials, models and more with free online storage-- Create secure and shareable Workspaces. Invite clients and collaborators to see and contribute to your projects online-- Manage your content library using an advanced file system and search engine-- Browse and purchase products from the entire collection of Turbo Squid models-- Search for models based on price range, category, file format, date of publication, or "trusted user" rating-- Compare products side-by-side-- Save payment information and wish lists-- Unpack and import models into 3D applications from the Tentacles shopping cart

Tentacles is free and available now at Download Tentacles as a standalone or for the following 3D applications: Caligari trueSpace (7.6), Autodesk 3ds Max (v7/8/9, 2008), Autodesk Maya (v7/8/8.5), Softimage XSI (v4.2/5.1/6) or Cinema4D (v9.5).