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Frederator Network Expands with 185 New Channels

Channel Frederator Network adds 185 new channels and expands subscriber base to 14 million during the month of November.

‘Domics’ New York, NY -- Things just keep getting bigger! During the month of November, Channel Frederator Network continued its domination of the online animation space, bringing 185 new channels to its network.  This expansion further establishes Channel Frederator Network as the undisputed digital leader in delivering the world’s freshest and most cutting-edge line up of animated content.  With the recent signing of new channels such as Domics, Lee Hardcastle, and Cyber Toons, Channel Frederator now boasts 1,222 channels in its networks representing popular animated programming from across the globe, with a combined subscriber base of 14 million and 610 million views of content to date.

On the heels of this rapid growth, Channel Frederator Network, which includes its enormously popular flagship Cartoon Hangover channel featuring signature franchises Bravest Warriors and the recently launched Bee & Puppycat.  Bee & Puppycat, which launched on November 6th, has accrued close to four million views for the first three episodes of the series. Meanwhile other blockbuster channels that are part of the network including The Animation Workshop, Filmcow (Charlie the Unicorn), and Simon’s Cat continue to thrive and grow as part of Channel Frederator.

Animation luminary Fred Seibert created Channel Frederator Network with a “Declaration of Cartoon Independents” as its foundation, making it the home to creative and disparate visions for all styles of animators. Designed as a collaborative forum through which independent voices can be heard, seen, and supported by one of the foremost pioneers in animation, Seibert himself, Channel Frederator Network is the premiere network for animators. The network continues to attract red hot animated channels including David Firth’s Salad Fingers, FlashFacilitoChips, FlyingPanda1990, Sam Green Media, and RageNineteen.

Source: Frederator

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