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BRB Readying Mau, New Cartoon Series From Suckers Creators

BRB Internacional is currently preparing a new Hi-Def 3D cartoon series entitled Mau & The Grandkids for worldwide distribution.

Press Release from BRB Internacional

BRB Internacional is currently preparing a new Hi-Def 3D cartoon series entitled Mau & The Grandkids for worldwide distribution. This is a new production from the creators of Suckers starring a 99 year-old man with the soul of a child. The project, a co-production with Screen 21 and Genoma Animation, has been selected to participate at the upcoming edition of Cartoon Forum, in Hungary this coming September.

Aimed principally at kids between the ages of 6 and 9, Mau the series (52 x 15’) is an original cartoon sitcom revolving around its very peculiar protagonist. After 89 years of Mediterranean siesta to recover from, Mau wakes up with intact 10 years old kid mindset… and a few physical problems to overcome for being 99 old! So together with his old friends, Mau experiences some truly weird adventures, such as climbing Mt. Everest but having to stop every 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. Or nodding off when they go to the movies. Or getting lost in the supermarket. Now, these pals are professional bocce ball players, compulsive drinkers of warm milk with cookies, keen observers of construction projects in the city… always embarrassing Sofía, Mau’s pre-teen great niece.

Mau, the New TV StarMau was been created with the firm goal of being a big hit on both national and international screens. The series recounts the fun-filled adventures of a group of old guys while also reflecting, in an original way, the more and more frequent relationships occurring between grandparents and grandchildren in modern societies. The old folks might be elderly, ancient even… but they’re full of life, surrealistic and just as outrageous as any 9 year-old kid.

Mau is an eternal optimist, an entrepreneur, and one-of-a-kind when faced with any type of situation: There are no math classes, though there is plenty of computer science; there are no exams, but there are medical checkups. And while there’s conflict, either with the gang or with Sofía, the story is always resolved in a witty way. Experience is a degree, even if just for having a good time.

The series Mau will be ready for broadcast in 2012. BRB Internacional will show its new project for the first time at Cartoon Forum (14-17 September, in Hungry), and later at MIP Junior (2-3 October, Cannes, France).

About BRB Internacional: An international company founded in Spain with more than 35 years experience in the production, distribution and licensing of high quality television programmes. BRB's animated series have been seen around the world, and characters such as David the Gnome, Dogtanian and Willy Fog are widely recognised as classics since back in the ‘80s. Currently BRB is producing innovative and branded series through the development of its Catalan studio Screen 21 using the latest techniques in design, 3D stereoscopic and CG technology – including such successful brands like Bernard, Suckers, Canimals, Kambu or Zookaboo. In the field of licensing, the company manages aside of all BRB’s titles an impressive catalogue which includes the Cartoon Network's properties for Spain and Portugal (The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's, Ben 10, Bakugan, ...) or the PlayStation IPs LittleBigPlanet, EyePet, Invizimals and SingStar in Spain and Portugal. For more information, see:,

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