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BlueArc Partners With PipelineFX to Improve 3D/VFX Pipeline

BlueArc Corp., a world leader in network storage innovation, has formed joint partnership with PipelineFX, makers of Qube!, the leading render farm management system for film production and game development, to help film, effects and game studios achieve maximum productivity through the deployment of an advanced technology infrastructure. BlueArc and PipelineFX will be presenting their solutions at NAB2006, in booth SL3238.

Removing bottlenecks in the creative pipeline allows artists to focus and create more iterations, resulting in higher quality 3D CGI. Often, artists have long wait times, reducing productivity, as files are opened, saved and rendered on a render farm. IT managers continually hear complaints of slowdowns and problems in the workflow.

Creative workflows are getting more and more challenging with more complex and higher resolution projects, requiring increased collaboration, reference files and rendering. Customers have incorporated BlueArc and Qube! to help optimize their workflow and keep their artists focused.

Many studios have turned to BlueArc's Titan to accelerate the storage infrastructure, reduce artist wait times and increase render farm output. Additionally, PipelineFX's Qube! solves render farm efficiency bottlenecks by optimizing render farm queuing, control and management. Used in combination, BlueArc and PipelineFX customers experience a faster creative pipeline.

"In the rapid-fire world of visual effects, a rock-solid technology infrastructure can be as important to a project's success or failure as the creative talent," said Troy Brooks, ceo of PipelineFX. "With BlueArc's unmatched performance and scalability, combined with PipelineFX's Qube render farm management, customers can complete more iterations in less time increasing efficiency and delivering the ultimate experience on the big screen."

"Stunning visual effects result from creative inspiration matched with the deployment of ever more powerful technology," said Steve Daheb, vp of marketing and business development for BlueArc. "BlueArc and PipelineFX offer customers in all aspects of the entertainment market real solutions to accelerate their projects and deliver the highest level of quality."

BlueArc's Titan storage system family delivers unparalleled performance, scalability and simplicity, enabling customers to accelerate their digital world. Utilizing a unique patented architecture, Titan customers can achieve tasks impossible with alternative systems, implementing tomorrow's solutions today. The BlueArc 's ( headquarters are in San Jose, California, with European operations based in Bracknell, England.

Honolulu-based PipelineFX ( was founded in 2002 and markets Qube! to the 3D animation, special effects, video and game industries. Qube! is used by world-class studios around the world, including South Park Studios, Electronic Arts, Buena Vista Games, DKP, Reel FX, Guava Graphics, Radical Entertainment and Pratt Institute. Qube! is IBM ServerProven, and operates in Linux, Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 and Mac OSX environments.