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How to start working in the animation industry as a self-taught artist in Europe?

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How to start working in the animation industry as a self-taught artist in Europe?

   Hello, I'm an 21 years old romanian. I'm new to this industry as I have no experience (I'm self-taught) and working on my portfolio. 

 I'm looking for someone experienced who has time to answer some questions and clarify some aspects about working in Europe :)

 How exactly am I supposed to start? I understand that I should build a portfolio and apply to jobs in relevant countries but how do i build up the experience (minimum of 2 years) the majority of employers are asking for? 

How tight is the competition?

Is a problem the lack of a BA? I am currently in my last year of studying advertising ( i know, not really relevant) should I try for a master's degree in animation? 

Good luck

Good luck

It's better to search for

It's better to search for some internships, which allows you to gain experience and connections with people from this industry.

It's a good chance to start a

It's a good chance to start a career. I think it's also important to set your career goal, make a plan and search for possibilities. You can read some articles about it, for example, resource. I've used it when I need some additional materials for my educational project. Anyway, I think that it all depend on you motivation and belief in success. 

The user suggesting an

The user suggesting an internship position is right. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and learn important skills of the trade. That’s how I started out back in the day. I always had a thing for animation and graphic design so I went looking for internship positions as that was the quickest way for me to experience working in the industry without having any formal education. After a few cold leads, I eventually landed an internship at BetSoft gaming. 

It’s an iGaming company that makes all kinds of online casino games such as slots and similar. Here’s a brief rundown of what they do I was lucky since the team at BetSoft didn’t put me on coffee and bagel duty, which was my biggest fear. They gave me actual work to do, which introduced me to some pretty interesting methods of merging 2D with 3D animation and more. Later, they hired me as a full time graphic designer/animator. Despite absolutely loving working for BetSoft, my appetites grew with my experience so I went looking for new challenges. 

But I digress. The point is that an internship can open many doors for an aspiring artist. Take a look at what’s available near you and start knocking on doors.

It is a good time for you.

It is a good time for you. Animation is a serious region however work experience can assist with fostering your specialized abilities, Any experience you can acquire in the animation business is very valuable, as is a more extensive film or TV experience, working in jobs like a sprinter. You should be read articles about it and look its work like

You could likewise search for promising circumstances which permit you to foster corresponding abilities, like working with others, working as a intern, working freely, and dealing with your own time.

TBT, It's not that easy to

TBT, It's not that easy to become a self-employed artist in Europe these days. There is a big concurrence on the market, so you have to be one of the best if you want to become a successful artist. So if you are ready for this, you need to start telling people about your services, and the best way to do that is by creating a profile on a website for freelancers. However, at the start, you will need some financial resources. For instance, when I started my career as a freelancer, I used the guys' help from I hope my message will be helpful for you.



I read the title and remember the starting days of my career. I was jobless 3 years ago then I decided to learn website development and apply for a web development course but I was rejected from college. I decided to learn it from youtube and other resources without any teacher. I spent 6 months and then I got an initial job, now I have 3 years of experience and earning a good amount per month.

Good to know that you want to

Good to know that you want to be self-owned at the age of  21. you can get complete information from Doratoon. One year ago I also took online sessions from this website related to animation then I started my career in this field.