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Been asked to speak in front of a K-12 class.

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Been asked to speak in front of a K-12 class.

Not sure which grade yet, but a teacher in the area was interested in my (2-d animated) cartoons and wanted me to be a guest speaker and tell the kids how it's done.

However..I have ZERO experience in the classroom lecture area (except for a speech back when I was a highschooler) and have no idea what to talk about. Lol, I assume I'll bore the poor kids to death with exposure sheets, beats, etc. so should I pick a short and break it down? Go over some A.S.K. pointers? Just talk about animation in general? Anyone done this before?

I'm still in the early stages of this-I suppose it'll be easier when I find out what age I'm talking to-I'll update this topic with that info when I find out. Thanks for any help guys!

Alright well, unless it's elementary (to which I'd just go over drawing and the end results, and keep it as fun as possible) I've come down to this for middleschool or highschool:

[*]Sum up what animation is.
[*]Break down the 12 principles with short examples of each.
[*]End on breaking down the process behind one of my finished cartoons.

Then naturally answering questions for those who have 'em or whatever. Sound good? Any feedback? I haven't found out how much time I have (or what length) .

Until you know who your audience is, it going to be hard to draft your lecture.

About 80% sure it's middleschool by now. I'll find out when the teacher gets back from his cruise (hehe...just that last little break before the 20th kicks school back up). I'll update the topic then.