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animation hybrids

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animation hybrids

my names Stefan John Costain. I have been studying software for the arts and media for over six years now and am currently finishing my final year in Hatfield (Herts uni). I have a essay to write which I have to hand in very soon.
Im very keen on animation and hope to develop a career in this area. Because of this Im choosing animation as my topic for my essay. Obviously this is a broad topic so I am aiming at the specific topic of mixed animation types (e.g.2D&3D) but more specifically mixed with live-action.
I have had meetings with my tutors and they have suggested:-
----looking at works and careers of - Paul Wells, George Melies, Winsor McKay, J.Stuart Blackton, Tom gunning and Andrew Darley.
Im just emailing to ask if anyone can help me:-
----arise any issues or ideas surrounding my subject area. Any quotes ect that I could base an argument around
----suggest any other animators that would be good to research
----any other help

I need to find issues, arguements, subjects within the area of animation hybris. Any suggestions??

If anyone can help with arising issues or arguments I could base my essay on I would be eternally grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stefan John Costain