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Animator Required

A fast growing advertising agency requires an animator which we can outsource work to for our website design service.

Please contact me @

if you feel suitable for the challenge.

I think the "challenge" is for YOU to state (for the damn RECORD)

WHAT kind of animation you need (2d or 3d)

WHAT turnaround you need (and if you don't know that term you should NOT be posting here)

IF you have any bloody budget to pay anyone

IF you INTEND to pay anyone

WHAT you intend to pay them

HOW you intend to pay them and ny what method and how quickly

IF the animators need to work off your "concept" (ha ha) or more

(and frankly more than this but you get the idea).

Until you answer these you deserve NO ANSWER from ANY animator, be they student or pro.

[I]I'll work 10 hours a day for $350.

Andreas does the photoshop posters for Paramount, gets $700 per day at 7 hours plus an hour off for lunch.

You do the math as to which is a better deal.[/I]


i think you need to just take it down a notch and let people make up their own mind.

i dont see a problem with the post. its not fraudulent looking nor is it asking for free work.

it states what it wants and i find it completely fair to discuss this over email or pm.

why do you attack anyone that comes up with an offer and dosent meet your idea of what pay should be?

everyone knows that you get what you pay for. end of story.

I respect what you said but respectfully answer that I don't perceive it that way. To be honest,

1: people with the $ to pay people have another option on this site where they can pay to advertise.

2: too many "companies" on this site and others that purport to be "real" leave artists in the lurch, and from my own experience this has been going on since before the internet really existed. This means that basically, anyone who CAN pay and be fair has NO PROBLEM with stating what I said was needed up front.

3: And people that DO have a problem with paying DO have a problem with it. This makes for a simple and NEEDED culling program for artists, which is only fair, since non paying sleazebags have put US through the cull since mass media STARTED. If "G8" has budget and a battleplan, they will have no problem with what I said, if they CAN'T pay people, they will.

4: If they CAN'T pay people they should not be advertising anyway so I have no problem with what I said.

5: (This is not directed at you, skinny): I am SICK of the onus of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) falling on the shoulders of ARTISTSand workers rather than the stinking "wannabe" companies and prodco's. The damn onus to prove ability is on THEM. not US. WE have to draw and paint, and take the time to send them samples, so THEY damn well can have a website link that PROVES they can pay us and that they are solvent(even though a start up company) out the OUTSET of their post/call for work.

which this scottish lad did NOT.

So I understand where you are coming from, but I will ALWAYS disagree on this issue.

I hope this causes no bad blood between us.


Loves Classics

[I]I'll work 10 hours a day for $350.

Andreas does the photoshop posters for Paramount, gets $700 per day at 7 hours plus an hour off for lunch.

You do the math as to which is a better deal.[/I]

Bad Blood ?

of course not. i do see where you are coming from too. its just that i like to see people trying to make a lot with a little and have great respect for people who cant pay much but still want to pay (ive been there and i would have hated being shot down because i wasnt a big budget producer)



Elecom toon is based in Kolkata / India having good strength (more than 50) of Quality 2D/3D Animators. We are doing lots of projects / animations with various overseas clients. If you can kindly visit our site you would have a brief idea abt. our Company..

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