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RamMohan & Graphiti School of Animation announce the G-CAT course in High end 3D Anim

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RamMohan & Graphiti School of Animation announce the G-CAT course in High end 3D Anim

According to Ram Mohan, “On the one hand, there is a big boom in the animation industry worldwide and here. On the other, the animation training/education industry is practically non-existent. Whatever education is available today seems to focus on teaching software and not on teaching animation”.

The institute is called ‘Graphiti School of Animation’ and for all practical purposes is a sibling of Graphiti Multimedia, Ram Mohan’s animation house. Admission to the one-year course offered by Graphiti School is on the basis of comprehensive Aptitude Counseling. The Counseling will help the aspiring students find out if they have the potential to excel in the profession of animation.

Course: G-CAT (Graphiti School of Animation)

Duration: 1 year

Fees: 1, 25, 000/- + Taxes (INR) (Bank loans available subject to Eligibility)

Bank Loans EMI Repayment Options:

You get a repayment holiday of one year after completion of the course selected or 6 months after getting a job (after which your repayment will start).

The loan is then to be repaid in 5 years after commencement of repayment

Eligibility: The student has to take Aptitude counseling through us. This will help us to understand the student’s strengths and area of interest.

Procedure of Admissions: The Students should register before 30th of April, 2006 for the Aptitude counseling by paying an amount of Rs. 100/- at Graphiti School of Animation. The Aptitude Counseling will be held on the dates given below. The registered student will be intimated through email or phone. Based on the outcome of the aptitude counseling, the student will be admitted to the course.

Saturday - 29th April 2006
Saturday - 6th May 2006
Saturday - 13th May 2006

Scheduled date for commencement of the course: 1st week of June, 2006

The course is divided in 3 Terms:


Traditional Animation Classes*

* (extra fees will be charged for these classes)
* (Classes to be held on weekends)

A query from a would be animator

Refering to the mail from *Mr _____
[I]"I read about your Aptitude counseling on AWN forums. I'm interested if this is a legitimate and not a money making con game, at my expense.
Contact me only it this is legitimate."[/I]

We have just received a rather worrisome email from one *Mr ____. *Mr ____ has been frank enough to ask if we are a ‘legitimate’ school and ‘not a money making con game, at my expense’. (*Mr ____ words in single quotation marks.)
Here are some facts about Graphiti School of Animation that might answer *Mr ___'s doubts:
The Graphiti School of Animation is an initiative of Ram Mohan and his animation house, Graphiti Multimedia.
Ram Mohan’s animation career spans 50 years with 5 Lifetime Achievement Awards from various animation, feature film and advertising bodies. The latest lifetime award was conferred on him was the V. Shantaram Award at the recently concluded Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF). He also has been inducted into the Halls of Fame of IAAFA and Communication Arts Guild (CAG). He has bagged every conceivable national and international award, worked on thousands of TV commercials and short films, social awareness projects like ‘Meena’ for UNICEF. He was Co-director of India’s first animation feature, ‘Ramayana – the Legend of a Prince’… In fact, he has launched the school to mark his 50 years in animation.
Ram Mohan is the Dean of Graphiti School of Animation and the Chairman of Graphiti Multimedia.
Graphiti Multimedia, on the other hand, is a decade old a concept-to-completion animation house. In its 10-year existence it has won every possible award in the business like the Indian Telly Award, Seagate awards (7 of them), IAAFA, RAPA etc. Graphiti is India’s leading name in the advertising and TV animation space in India.
*Mr ___ has raised an important issue and we hope that this lays rest to all his fears.

ill vouch for Graphiti being a prominent name in the industry in Bombay. However i dont know anything about their faculty and program.