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On A Desert Island....Commercial Free?

Ron Diamond, Darrel Van Citters and Paul Vester.

This month we asked a few folks involved in animation commercials the classic question: "If you were stranded on a desert island, what ten (animated) films would you want to have with you?" Here's what Ron Diamond, Acme Filmworks' executive producer, Darrell Van Citters, Renegade Animation director, and Paul Vester, Rhythm & Hues director (formerly of his own Speedy Films in London,) came up with.

Ron Diamond's picks: 1. The Man Who Planted Trees by Frederic Back. 2. Harpya by Raoul Servais. 3. The Cat Came Back by Cordell Barker. 4. The Wrong Trousers by Nick Park. 5. Fantasia by Walt Disney. 6. Mr. Hulot's Holiday by Jacques Tati. 7. It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra. 8. Woman Finding Love by Simona Mulazzani and Gianluigi Toccafando. 9. The Monk and The Fish by Michael Dudok DeWit. 10. Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones.

Darrel Van Citters' selections: 1. 101 Dalmatians (animated) by Walt Disney. 2. Coal Black by Bob Clampett. 3. Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones. 4. Pigs is Pigs by Walt Disney. 5. Song of the South animated sequences by Walt Disney. 6. Deputy Droopy by Tex Avery. 7. Gerald McBoing Boing by Bob Cannon/UPA. 8. Rooty Toot Toot by John Hubley/UPA. 9. Red Hot Riding Hood by Tex Avery. 10. Seaside Woman by Oscar Grillo.

Paul Vester's favorites: 1. La Salla by Richard Condie. 2. Toy Story by John Lasseter. 3. Joie de Vivre by Tony Gross and Hector Hoppin. 4. Baron Munchausen by Karel Zeman. 5. Allegretto by Oscar Fischinger. 6. The Wizard of Speed and Time by Mike Jitlov. 7. A Dream Walking by max & Dave Fleischer. 8. The Toy Soldier by Paul Grimault. 9. Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions by Henry Selick. 10. The Mighty River by Frederick Back.