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3D Festival 2004 Announces Preliminary Speakers/Sessions

3D Festival 2004, held May 3-6 in Copenhagen, Denmark, has just announced its preliminary list of speakers and sessions for its three conferences: 3D Festival, Game Developers World and Architectural Visualization.

3D Festival 2004 Preliminary Speaker List and Sessions (subject to change)

Justin Leach, Softimage"CG and Anime - Innocence: GHOST IN THE SHELL 2"Emile Edwin Smith, Zoic Studios"The VFX of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA"Jordi Bares, The Mill"Artificial Intelligence in CommercialsBuilding Crowds"Chris Landreth"Inside RYAN"Feng Zhu"Concept Design Workshop"Scott Robertson, Design Studio Press"Concept Design Skills and Methods of Communication with 3D Modelers"Larry Gritz, NVIDIA -"Hardware Accelerated Production Rendering"David Kirk NVIDIA"NV40 Architecture"Mark Snoswell, Snoswell Design"Highend Character Rigging For Film"Paul Franklin, Double Negative"Creating Oceanic Environments For LXG andTOMB RAIDER II"Brian Pohl, Digital Domain"Integrating Previsualization Into a Production Pipeline"Darrin Krumweide, Gnomon School of VFX -To be announcedEric Hanson, Digital Domain"The Rise and Challenge of Digital Sets" & "Parallels Between Architectural Visualization & Entertainment"Greg Downing, Rhythm & Hues -"Photogrammetry For Digital Set Building"Olivier Renouard, Attitude Studio"Character Rigging For Hybrid Animation"Luc Froehlicher, La Maison -"The VFX of THE MAN WITHOUT A HEAD and DREAMKEEPER''Alex Alvarez, Gnomon School of VFXTo Be AnnouncedGonzalo Rueda, Snoswell Design"Spherical Harmonics"

Game Developers World Preliminary Speaker List and Sessions (subject to change)

Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants"How Game Development is Changing the Way We Think About Film & TV Production"Scott Easley, Electronic Arts"The Making of MEDAL OF HONOR & "Fundamentals of Video Game Animation"Simon Tremblay, Ubisoft"The Making of PRINCE OF PERSIA & "Art Production Management for Video Games"Sami Vanhatalo, Remedy Entertainment"Sequel Building -The Art and Graphics of MAX PAYNE 2"

Architectural Visualization Conference Preliminary Speaker List and Sessions (note - subject to change)

Alex Morris, Hayes DavidsonTo be announcedSteen Savery Trojaborg, DISSING & WEITLINGTo be announcedKnut Ramstad, Selvaag BlueThinkTo be announcedKim Larsen, PLACEBO Effects"Realtime Architecture Models with Global Illumination and Multi-Textures"Jeff Mottle, CGArchitectTo be announcedJoshua Teas, Snohetta AS"The Role of Digital 3D in Architectural Design"Eric Anton, ArtefactoryTo be announced

3D Festival 2004 ( is Europe's largest convention and exhibition for the creative 3D industry involved in animation, postproduction, digital visual effects, games, architectural visualization and design.