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Looney Tunes -- Back in Action on DVD

Although a major disappointment when released theatrically last year, LOONEY TUNES - BACK IN ACTION has quickly become a cult favorite among LOONEY fans for its inspired irreverence (a wild pursuit through paintings in the Louvre is just one of the many highlights) and cutting edge hybrid animation and vfx. On March 2, LOONEY TUNES is back in action on DVD (Warner Home Video, $27.95). Directed by animation fan Joe Dante (GREMLINS) and written by Larry Doyle (THE SIMPSONS), the Looney Tunes help stuntman Brendan Fraser search for a missing blue diamond (not a pink one?) that belongs to his secret agent father (Timothy Dalton), crossing paths with Jenna Elfman, Steve Martin, Heather Locklear and Joan Cusack, among others, along the way. Produced by Warner Bros. Feature Animation, credits include Eric Goldberg (animation director) Tom Sito (storyboard artist) and Chris Watts (visual effects supervisor). Vfx was provided by Digital Domain, Pixel Magic, K.N.B. EFX Group, Amalgamated Dynamics, 3D Site and Amalgamated Pixels.

Some of the extras include:

* Whizzard of Ow": A new LOONEY TUNES short* "Looney Tunes Out of Action: Best Scenes You've Never Seen": A montage of alternate ending and additional scenes* "Behind the Tunes": A humorous look at Daffy and Bugs as they give a tour of the set* "Bang Crash Boom": the rabbit and duck perspective on the vfx* Easter Eggs: Yosemite Sam with TNT* DVD-ROM: More deleted scenes