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Spike & Mike Fest ‘99 is here

The duos more wholesome festival, SPIKE & MIKES 1999 CLASSIC FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION, opens Friday, March 12 at the Ridge Theatre in Vancouver, B.C. (running through April 4). The program includes Blue Sky Studios' Oscar-nominated, BUNNY, Aardmans HUM DRUM, Digital Domains TIGHTROPE, Pierre Coffins PINGS, Peter Reynolds' THE BLUE SHOE, Annecy-winner SIENTJE, Don Hertzfeldts BILLYS BALLOON, Laurent Gorgiards MAN WITH THE PENDULOUS ARMS, Behaviour Productions THE ART OF SURVIVAL, Chris Landreths BINGO, Folimages THE ROMANCE OF MY HEART, Eric Fernandes SON OF BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA, Emma Calders THE QUEENS MONASTERY, Anna Henckel-Donnermarcks BUSBY, classics from past festivals like Christophe and Wolfgang Lauensteins Oscar-winning short BALANCE and Marv Newlands BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA. The show is also booked at the Roxy Theatre in Victoria, B.C. (April 9-15), Spike and Mikes home town of La Jolla, California (April 9-June 6), and at the Castro (April 9-21) and Palace of Fine Arts (April 23-May 1) theaters in San Francisco. Grandpa Munster will serve as a special opening weekend guest at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla (April 9-11). For additional tour dates and information, visit

SPIKE & MIKES 1999 CLASSIC FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION will be reviewed in the April issue of Animation World Magazine.