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Gnomon Workshop Releases First ZBrush Titles

The Gnomon Workshop released three DVD titles on Dec. 15, 2004, dedicated to understanding the complexity and power of Pixologic's ZBrush. Accomplished artists Meats Meier and Zack Petroc take the artist through the basics and intricacies of this remarkable digital sculpting tool.

Eric Hanson, senior producer for The Gnomon Workshop, enthused, "We are very excited about these first titles from these incredible artists. Meats is a great teacher, and his work has received numerous awards. Having finished supervising the models on SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, Zack is working as the model supervisor and art director on director Kerry Conran's next feature: JOHN CARTER OF MARS. These titles mark the first of several exciting additions to The Gnomon Workshop digital library."

"Zack and Meats are two talented individuals, and ZBrush offers them a new way to sculpt," added Gnomon Workshop founder/director Alex Alvarez. "These DVDs give students and professionals around the world the opportunity to learn a powerful piece of software from accomplished professional artists."

"Pixologic's ZBrush is the perfect tool for artists who want to create great art," suggested Jaime Labelle, Pixologic's gm. "The Gnomon Workshop DVDs by Meats Meier and Zack Petroc show the art community how artists can generate stunning images with this very powerful, flexible and innovative 2D/3D Painting, Modeling and Texturing application."

Founded in 2000, The Gnomon Workshop ( produces art-training DVDs for the visual industries. Created by professional artists who work in all areas of the visual effects industry including many of our favorite films, games, product design and fine art these DVDs give artists the real information they need to succeed in the visual arts industry. With titles in both digital and traditional disciplines, the Gnomon Workshop catalogue covers everything from robots to cars, to creature and environments.

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