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Digital-Tutors Introduces Character Creation in ZBrush, Intro to ICE Strands

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and Pixologic Authorized Training Provider, has launched two new training titles for artists learning character development and modeling, and effects animation and dynamics. With the addition of CHARACTER CREATION IN ZBRUSH and INTRODUCTION TO ICE STRANDS, Digital-Tutors' collection of video-based training continues to grow for new and experienced artists using ZBrush and Autodesk Softimage.

CHARACTER CREATION IN ZBRUSH presents four hours of project-based training and teaches a practical workflow to character development and shaping detailed concepts from simple ideas with greater creative freedom and flexibility in ZBrush. INTRODUCTION TO ICE STRANDS is an online exclusive resource that offers four hours of interactive training for experienced artists using ICE and provides a step-by-step approach to understanding strand dynamics and creating effects such as hair, streaks, fur, veins, and more using ICE.

Key topics and popular highlights for CHARACTER CREATION IN ZBRUSH include: creating ZSphere base meshes, adding ZSpheres symmetrically, making adaptive skins, creating custom alphas, stylized sculpting, character proportions, look and appeal, creating hard-surface models with topology tools, modifying SubTools with SubTool Master, prototyping clothing and accessories, creating clothing with the topology tools, extracting clothing from existing geometry, using SubTool Master with materials, transforming ZSpheres, sculpting detail into meshes, sculpting fine detail with alphas and strokes, selecting geometry using polygroups, deleting geometry, creating fitted accessories with topology tools, extracting geometry from existing meshes, appending SubTools, SubTool Master to manipulate SubTools, using masks creatively with primitives, and converting primitives to polygon meshes.

Key topics and popular highlights for INTRODUCTION TO ICE STRANDS include: Strands overview, creating and editing Strands, generating Strand trails, Strand construction and shaping, Strand alignment and rotation, Strand animation, shading and rendering Strands, using various Strand compounds, Strand-related ICE attributes, randomizing Strand colors, applying colors and properties along Strands, applying forces, particle goals, building Strand-based systems, Strand profile curves, repeating ICE processes, generating points, initializing ICE attributes, and assets and compounds provided.