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Influence, Industry, and Culture of Gaming

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Influence, Industry, and Culture of Gaming

Weather you are just a player of computer game or are connected to the Computer Gaming industry in the past, present or planning it for the future, "On The Media" has three programs for you to hear. (sorry for the poor grammar)

Please note that all three link are the same link...I think

The Influence of Gaming

According to the market research firm The NPD Group, 27 percent of America's entertainment dollar is spent on video games. According to New York Times Magazine author and game aficionado Clive Thompson, whether you play them or not, video games have changed the way way you interact with technology.

How Nintendo Saved the Video Game Industry

The original Nintendo console, the NES, turned 25 this year. OTM producer PJ Vogt reports the cautionary tale of Nintendo’s rise and (relative) fall, and why both were good for video games.

The Culture of Gaming

Despite the comparisons, video games are a wholly new medium, allowing an interactivity, agency and complexity most other media just can't provide. Brooke talks to Killscreen Magazine editor Jamin Brophy-Warren, novelist Nicholson Baker, and journalist Tom Bissell about the power and potential of video games and video game design.

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