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Extra! Extra! Read All Abooooout It…!

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Extra! Extra! Read All Abooooout It…!

A new TV show is about to be broadcasted.
It’s called O TURNO DA NOITE (THE NIGHT SHIFT) and it’s a 2D animation series.
Eight episodes of dark humour, weird situations and a small twist of bad taste..
This series takes place in a morgue and it’s about dead people telling stories, a crazy and cruel coroner and a janitor with an autism condition. Crime, envy, treachery, adultery, nudity and greed are the main dish.
Made with a ridiculously small amount of money and a ridiculously tiny team of animators, after years of countless efforts this production will be shown in the Portuguese national TV, soon.
Meanwhile you can check the show development in…

Comments are welcome and appreciated…

Very soon...another post

I’m glad you like it, Phacker. It’s nice to get feedback…
From now on I would like to post on a weekly basis.
Of course I’m involved in other animation projects, of course I have other blogs I have to update, of course I have new ideas I have to nourish and develop …but still I think I can do it...
Stay tooned….:cool:

This looks AWSOME

and just my kind of thing....hihihi. Will the show be only in Protugese? I am looking forward to seeing more stuff! good job!!

Got a direct link to a piece of animation, or are we supposed to wade ourselves through your blog/pitch?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Good question...

Thanks for your visit Phacker.
This blog exists as a token of appreciation to all those who helped me bringing this project alive but also to share with everybody what I've been doing. Unfortunately due to lack of time and lack of organization I didn’t introduce this blog to the AWN community in its early stage.
Well...better later than never...
Answering your question if you want to know how this idea came alive, the first steps, the hesitations, the set backs then you really should "walk" through the blog from the beginning. So if you have some spare time and if you’re in the mood…give it a try...
Who knows? Maybe you see something you like…

Hope you enjoy it

Ps: Heeey.......I wasn´t pitching.......:cool:

The work is fantastic, I just wish I had broadband so I could view some of the animation samples. Perhaps I'll get the chance one of these days on a friends computer.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Actually got to see all three of them this morning. Nice! I was expecting them to be huge files. But they are very reasonable even for dialup users and nice samples of what your film has to offer. Look forward to seeing the finished film.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.