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Annecy 2001, An Artist's Sketchbook

Visit Annecy 2001 through Don Duga's sketchbook. Come take an inside peek at a professional artist's sketchbook. Plus...could you ask for better subject matter?

The Annecy International Film Festival and Market was held in Annecy, France from Monday, June 5 through Saturday, June 10, 2001. Don Duga attended and as most artists do, took his sketchbook with him. Here is Don's look at the festival from waiting in the airport to the closing night party.

View the Annecy 2001 sketchbook.

Don Duga is an animator, director, producer of animation. From UPA to Rankin/Bass to commercials to Sesame Street to feature films, he is an industry veteran. He has storyboarded such classics as Mr. Magoo, Underdog, The Last Unicorn, Frosty the Snow Man, Mad Monster Party, Wind in the Willows and more. He is also the co-founder of Polestar Films in New York, and has been an instructor of animation at The School of Visual Arts in New York City since 1962.