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Vapssky Launches 'Freaky Flipsters' Game for iOS

Vapssky Technologies partners with David Sheldon and SupperTime Entertainment to bring mobile game Freaky Flipsters to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Los Angeles, CA -- Mobile App developer, Vapssky Technologies, is launching its first in a series of Freaky Flipsters mobile games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These offbeat characters and their mysterious worlds are the brainchild of artist David Sheldon who’s illustrated over eighty books for children. The third partner in the venture, 4X EMMY-Nominated SupperTime Entertainment, will be responsible for the strategy and timing to expand the games into other media including animation, publishing and merchandise licensing. 

According to Vapssky Project Director Carrie Patel, "We’re thrilled to join David and SupperTime Entertainment. Good games are built around concepts that can be explained in a sentence but yet built upon endlessly, and the idea of flipping characters with dual personalities hooked us right away. The best products come from partnerships between passionate and diverse parties, and coming from our respective backgrounds -- art, children's entertainment, and game design -- everyone brought something fresh to the game. We're excited to see where this goes.”

Recipient of awards from prestigious groups like the “National Science Teachers’ Association,” David Quentin Sheldon has been creating artwork for kids since 2000.   His foray into offbeat creatures is not a new one. ”As a kid, all the walls in my bedroom were plastered with all the various slimy, spiky monsters I could come up with.  Then I figured a way to design creatures that changed when you flipped them and changed back when you flipped them again.”

Source: Vapssky Technologies

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