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Rendercore Appoints Marty Shindler to Advisory Board

Rendercore Inc., a leader in remote rendering solutions, has appointed production expert Marty Shindler to its advisory board. Shindler is the ceo of The Shindler Perspective Inc., a management-consulting firm for award-winning entertainment and technology companies.

There are exceptional opportunities for [Rendercores] premier rendering technology in the burgeoning computer graphics production arena, stated Shindler. Significant advancement in the quality of CG animation and the increasing production of 3D visual effects and feature-length computer animation projects necessitates that organizations leverage supercomputing technology companies with effective renderfarm infrastructures such as Rendercores cutting edge rendering solution. Rendercores capabilities can provide a cost effective alternative solution to providing all of the technology in house.

We are pleased with Mr. Shindlers appointment to the advisory board, added Rendercore ceo Henry Choi. His extensive knowledge of industry technology and demographics will provide tremendous value and insight to Rendercore moving forward. Mr. Shindler has already demonstrated his value to the company in our various meetings and conversations to date.

Shindler acted in a professional services capacity with Coopers & Ly brand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in its entertainment division, where he provided professional business services to film and TV production clients, studio operations, sophisticated visual effects and video game development organizations, among others. Shindler subsequently joined Industrial Light & Magic as the director of finance, where he also oversaw information technology system, purchasing and camera engineering department. In addition, he was vp sales & marketing for Cinesite, Eastman Kodaks digital startup, which achieved profitability and wide recognition in its early years.

Founded in Hollywood in 2002, Rendercore ( offers seamless remote rendering solution services with 400+ Intel Xeon 3.0X GHZ CPUs providing significant computing capacity for its cutting edge render farm infrastructure. The company developed industry's first remote rendering solutions software, and provides on-demand super-computing services and related consulting services such as 3D computer graphics rendering, implementation of customized render farms graphics and on-demand remote rendering services.