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Rabbit Wins Cut & Paste Award at SIGGRAPH 2013

Rabbit Studio takes the title in Cut&Paste’s Tournament Artwork at SIGGRAPH 2013 by re-imaging the Mark Twain as a Lucha Libre.

Los Angeles, CA -- Rabbit Studio Director/ECD Nick Losq and Artist/Designer Sam Cividanis transformed iconic American author Mark Twain into a Lucha Libre, mask-wearing bruiser to take home the winning title in Cut&Paste’s Tournament Artwork at SIGGRAPH 2013. The competition, as part of Cut&Paste’s CHARACTERIZED series, consisted of 3 teams of 2 designers who were each challenged to create an Alter Ego of an existing, publicly known character. Over the course of 2 rounds, the designers were tasked with developing the character and a scene in which they express mastery of a subject. In the first 10-minute onstage round, the teams prepared a black & white sketch of their patron saint character in either 2D or 3D. In the final 15-minute round, the designers created a final scene containing their detailed Alter Ego character.

Losq and Cividanis’ winning entry featured legendary author Mark Twain re-imagined as the Mexican wrestling personality, “Mark ‘The Pain’ Twain.”

The duo’s creative approach for the timed challenge as outlined by Losq "Before Twain became the literary master he is regarded as today, he had a short yet explosive career as the Luchador "El Dolor". As El Dolor, Twain took out the early frustrations accumulated in his years along the Mississippi on the skulls of his many unfortunate opponents. He rose quickly through the ranks of the Mexican circuit, but like most pro athletes had to make a decision to make his sport his new profession or to step down gracefully while at his athletic peak - becoming a legend. Twain removed his mask to pursue his secondary interest of writing and story telling to become the historical figure we know today. The biggest challenge in this competition was being able to capture the raw emotion of Mark 'The Pain' Twain in the 25 minutes provided in the event. Men have spent their lives trying to immortalize this legend, so you can imagine the 25 minutes provided were quite daunting. However Sam and I are quite proud of our effort. Big shout out to Cut&Paste for including us in this event."

Source: Rabbit Studio

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