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FVM Productions Becomes Breitbild Visual Effects

Breitbild Visual Effects is the new company name of the former Salacher 3D-Agency FVM productions.

Press Release from Breitbild Visual Effects

Eislingen, 02.June 2010. — Breitbild Visual Effects is the new company name of the former Salacher 3D-Agency FVM productions. The successful, award-winning film and visualisation specialists have produced high-quality 3D animations and visual effects for TV, film, business and industry for several years.

The re-branding and new name are representative of a number of changes, including geographic, under the leadership of Managing Director Francesco Faranna. The new company headquarters in Eislingen offers more space for the creative team and several technical novelties offered by the new studio, including a 9m x 5m cove screen and a 3m x 6m greenscreen. The new studio enables the complete realization of photo, film and videos including postproduction. Large machines and cars can easily be accommodated, put into the correct lighting, photographed and filmed.

The results can immediately be displayed and edited in the postproduction suite replete with media-workstations that are connected to the in-house server array for rendering. “The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and enables our clients a staging area that caters to an integrated workflow,” said Francesco Faranna.

Alongside the Eislingen headquarters in southern Germany, Breitbild VFX has a strategic partnership with the Berlin-based “raffaele castelli creative lab” and thereby a presence in the German capital and proximity to the Babelsberg film studios.

Breitbild VFX supplies international production companies with high-quality, creative visual effects. The geographical proximity to the German and international film industry in Berlin is of great importance said Faranna: “Through our presence in the German capital we can ensure a personal relationship with our clients.”

About Breitbild Visual EffectsSince May 2010 Breitbild VFX supplies TV, film and industry with visual effects and 3D pictures. Breitbild VFX emerged from the multimedia agency FVM productions, founded in 2006 by Managing Director Francisco Faranna. Selected clients include the international music label Nuclear Blast Europe, Dr. Scheller Cosmetics, the SWR (German broadcaster) and Pro Sieben. Awards in 2009 include the LACP Spotlight Gold Award and the silver ITVA Award.

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