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The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys Revealed

It looks as though audiences will finally get to see the animation Todd McFarlane created for the Jodie Foster-produced film THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS. The film was completed in 2000 and set to debut at Sundance 2001, but the premiere was delayed because the animated sequences were not finished. The film will now debut on January 18 at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. Peter Care directed this Southern Gothic drama set in the 70s, which centers on the efforts of Catholic schoolboys to retrieve an obscene comic book they've drawn. Jena Malone, Kieran Culkin, Jodie Foster and Jake Richardson star in Michael Petronis adaptation of Chris Fuhrman's novel. The animated sequences are an integral part of the story line and used throughout the film to drive the plot. They were produced by Todd McFarlane and TME president Terry Fitzgerald.

From comic book creator, to multi-millionaire, Todd McFarlane has always followed his own path with intelligence and daring. J. Paul Peszko meets the man behind SPAWN.