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BOXX Technologies Supports AMD Opteron Processing Power

BOXX Technologies, a leading developer of XXTreme award-winning digital content creation systems for the design, entertainment and digital film industries, has announced support for AMD Opteron processors in its 3DBOXX workstations, RenderBOXX rendering nodes and ServerBOXX servers.

"By providing simultaneous support of 32-bit and 64-bit computing, AMD Opteron processor-based systems deliver flexibility, performance and investment protection," says Rick Krause, president/ceo of BOXX Technologies. "The AMD Opteron processor, matched with BOXX Technologies XXtreme performance, quality, reliability and support offer a winning combination for any user of digital content creation applications."

The AMC Opteron allows 64-bit operation, moving data with twice the speed of 32-bit CPUs, but still supports existing 32-bit applications that are not available in 64-bit versions yet. Users investing in BOXX products will be able to make the transition easily to 64-bit systems for much faster processor power with little cost. Support for Opteron will help BOXX gain ground in its fairly recent foray into workstations and editing tools as well as maintain its leading position in render and server products.

Designed for Microsoft Windows or Linux, 3DBOXX and RenderBOXX are available in single and dual processor configurations enhanced with NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL architecture and optimized for modeling and rendering 3D content and animation with popular software programs such as Maya, 3ds max, SOFTIMAGEXSI, LightWave 3D and Houdini.

ServerBOXX servers, offered in deskside or rackmountable 5U configurations running Windows or Linux, are built for mission critical applications that require multiprocessing performance, massive amounts of system memory and tremendous I/O bandwidth.

BOXX Technologies, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading developer and manufacturer of 3DBOXX, an award-winning 3D workstation; RenderBOXX, a powerful rendering system; SDBOXX, a 10-bit SD-SDI professional digital video editing system; ServerBOXX, a deskside or rackmount server; HDBOXX features nonlinear editing, compositing and playback of HD; and CineBOXX, a new digital intermediary tool that combines the capabilities of a DDR offering 2K film, HD and SD sequential review with nonlinear editing and ingestion. For more information on BOXX Technologies, please visit the BOXX Website at