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Sneak Peak & Superheroes Abound On Kids' WB! In May

Kids' WB! will offer a special sneak-peek of its new adventure series TEEN TITANS on May 3, 2003. The series, coming to Kids' WB!'s 2003-04 season, is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and will be offered in conjunction with Cartoon Network. TEEN TITANS features Robin The Boy Wonder (without Batman) and fellow teens Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven - five superheroes, each with special powers, who unite to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains as well as the tribulations of being a teenager. An eclectic group, their powers complement each other while their personalities often clash. Discovering how to control their powers, these Teen Titans must learn to work and grow as a team despite their stylistic differences. The series is produced by WBA under the guidance of Glen Murakami and is based on the DC comic book series. The series will debut on Cartoon Network in August 2003 and re-launch on Kids' WB! in mid-season 2004.

Following a new episode of JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES on May 3, Kids' WB! brings Superman face-to-face with Static on STATIC SHOCK in "Toys in the Hood" at 10:30 am with Static helping the man of steel defeat his old nemesis, Toy Man, who is set on taking control of Dakota. This will be followed by an encore presentation of Static joining forces with the caped crusader Batman in "Hard As Nails."

A special YU-GI-OH! "Tag Team Takedown" 4-part event will start on May 3, airing in sequence each Saturday morning at 11:00 am throughout the month. In this saga titled "Double Duel," abductions abound when Marik kidnaps both Joey and Tea. Meanwhile, Mokuba is nabbed by the Rare Hunters, forcing Yugi and Kaiba to take on tag-team duelists Umbra and Lumis on top of a skyscraper. Yugi and Kaiba are challenged to put aside their differences by a "shocking" four-part conclusion on May 24. Yugi and friends will become camp counselors giving WB characters a crash course on how to walk the walk talk the talk and dress for success in YU-GI-OH!'S DUELIN' TIPS AND TRICKS TRAINING CAMP that will air though out the morning on May 10 from 8:00 am to 12 pm.