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Art Institutes International at San Francisco Open House

* Saturday, April 28, 2001. San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Upcoming high school graduates, artists, creative career seekers and anyone interested in a career in the creative arts is invited to attend an April 28 Open House at The Art Institutes International at San Francisco. The Open House will include presentations from faculty and staff about the schools degree programs in computer animation, graphic design, multimedia & Web design and fashion design. The event, which is free of charge, also will include free refreshments, tours of computer labs and classrooms, and discussions about career services for students and trends in the creative arts. The event is from 10 am 2 pm. For more information contact Dan Soine, public relations director, at: The Art Institutes International at San Francisco, 1170 Market Street (at U.N. Plaza between 7th and 8th Streets), San Francisco, CA 94102; Tel.: (415) 865-0198 x 309; Fax.: (415) 863-5831; Email:; or Web: