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Discreet Ships Reactor

Discreet announced on April 9, 2001 thatit has begun shipping reactor, an integrated extension for 3ds max 4.Reactor, powered by Havok, incorporates technology that realisticallysimulates cloth, rope, liquid and hard-/soft-body objects thatcollide, bounce, break and stretch. Reactor officially launched lastmonth at the Game Developers Conference. Reactor features includerope dynamics that simulate any deformable chain from realistic hairto knots of climbing ropes; cloth dynamics that give objectselasticity, weight and planar and flexion stiffness; rigid and softbodies that offer solid- and soft-object simulation for everythingfrom collapsing walls to landslide, and soft-body control over mass,friction and deformation; and real-world simulation of fluid surfacesincluding buoyancy and ripple reflection. Reactor is available nowworldwide. For pricing and information, contact any Discreetreseller, call 800-869-3504 or visit Discreet's Website

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