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Alias|Wavefront Releases Maya Real Time SDK

Alias|Wavefront released Maya Real Time SDK (Software Developers Kit) at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose. The new release demonstrates the first comprehensive "Art to Engine" solution for creating interactive content on next-generation games platforms. The Maya Real Time SDK is designed to allow games developers to deliver film quality characters and graphics in their titles for new games platforms such as PlayStation 2. Obviously Alias|Wavefront understands the potential that the "next-generation" games market holds -- they have made several major games-related announcements in the last month. With PlayStation 2 set to take over the world later this year, there will be a demand for the higher quality 3D graphics Sony says the new platform can deliver. Someone needs to provide the artists with tools to create these new amazingly high-quality images, and it looks like Alias|Wavefront could lead the way into film quality graphics for games.

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