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Aaron Sims Hits Big Again With Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Off the success of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, character designer Aaron Sims will have another appearance in pictures as THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR hits theaters today.

Citing Sims as critical to bringing this all to life, director Rob Cohen said, "Working with Aaron Sims on MUMMY 3 was an incredible experience. His ability to adapt and realize fantastic ideas into very physical creatures is extraordinary...I couldn't have done it without him."

Bolstered by the skill and dedication of his team at The Aaron Sims Company, Sims conjured up almost every fantastical character in THE MUMMY including the Yeti, Fu Dog, Clay Emperor, Dragon, foundation warriors, dead warriors, and terra cotta warriors.

The technique Sims pioneered to deliver MUMMY's artwork broke new ground within the industry, making visual effects production exponentially more efficient and higher quality. For THE MUMMY, Sims designed the creatures in 3D, helping production with pre-visualization of characters as well as providing a 3D reference for the vfx team to work from. This meant greater efficiency both cost and time-wise for the project.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK was the first release where Sims' process was used. Although the creative energy behind the Hulk and Abomination designs was solely Sims', it contributed immeasurably to the entire team working on THE INCREDIBLE HULK and thus the film's overall success. In creating both main characters for THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Sims' greatest challenge was to take an already well-known, beloved image and make it newly iconic.

At Comic-Con last week, Sims' production company White Rock Lake announced its deal to produce the live action online series ANGEL OF DEATH, starring Zoe Bell and penned by comic book writer Ed Brubaker. ANGEL OF DEATH is being distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Sims will next be appearing at SIGGRAPH 2008 and is one of the acclaimed artists chosen to showcase work at an exhibition of RabbitHoles, the groundbreaking holographic poster process on display at Los Angeles' Gnomon Gallery beginning August 13.

Sims' film work will next be seen in THE SPIRIT, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and THE UNBORN.